‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Accuses Mark Of Being A Monster

Live with Kelly and Mark host Kelly Ripa brings the humor in the pre-recorded sessions of the ABC talk show this month. Recently, she claimed that Mark Consuelos seems like a mix of “Frankenstein” meets “werewolf.” Read on to find out why many people might relate to the way she feels.

Live Kelly Ripa Has A Way With Words

Definitely, it takes a certain something to make an impact on an audience. And, the wife of Mark Consuelos has gotten it down perfectly. Somehow, even when she’s talking about serious things, she puts it in such a way that she cranks up the laughter. Often a little bit risque, she’s very popular.

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos [Source: YouTube]
Live with Kelly and Mark – ABC – YouTube
On Live Kelly Ripa, the veteran morning talk show host doubted that bringing Mark Consuelos on as co-host would work. In fact, she saw red flags and decided it was a terrible idea. But, their chemistry works and the audience can’t get enough of them. Mostly, they talk about relatable things, especially if people with partners are watching.

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa - Instagram
Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa – Instagram

Why Is Mark Consuelos Some Sort Of Monster?

In the past, Mark Consuelos and his wife discussed things they do in their sleep. Everyone who ever shared a bed with a partner knows that it’s the little things that can trigger a fallout. Now, it turned out that Mark’s Achilles Heel is his snoring! His wife dropped the news on the June 26 episode of Live with Kelly and Mark.

Mark Consuelos & Family Dog [Source: Kelly Ripa - Instagram]
Live Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark snores like a werewolf – Instagram
People cited Kelly Ripa as saying that her husband “woke” himself up because he “couldn’t stand the sound” of his “snoring.” Can you relate to that? Not content to leave it there, the ABC host said:

His snoring got so insurmountable for him, that he woke up and shushed himself. I’m not kidding. He shushed himself. I was like, ‘Are you shushing me? Because you’re shushing you.” No matter where you are the in the house, if Mark is sleeping, you can hear him snoring.

The Live Kelly Ripa audience heard more from Mark Consuelos’ wife who didn’t seem to want to let it go. She forged on by saying that mostly, he’s a wonderful partner. But the snoring takes the cake. She added, “The dark-sided part, the you that wants to be seen, comes out [and] It’s like a werewolf meets Frankenstein.”

What are your thoughts on Kelly Ripa claiming that Mark Consuelos snores so much? Does it remind you of someone you love? Are you surprised she can laugh about him being a combination of “Frankenstein” and a “werewolf?” Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Live with Kelly and Mark news.

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