‘Live’ Kelly Ripa’s Husband Has ‘Major Anxiety Attack’ On-Air

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos - Live

Recently, the Live With Kelly And Mark show brought up a topic that Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, have an on-air reaction to. Admittedly, Mark has a “major anxiety attack” while confronting the idea.

Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos Deal With Anxiety

Lately, it has been apparent that both Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have areas of major anxiety they deal with. Notably, the Live With Kelly And Mark show has been previously recorded while the stars take a little time off to recoup. During this time, Mark has taken time off for Father’s Day and a break from the show. Likewise, he is getting in a few hikes with his wife Kelly, and enjoying a summer break from filming. They will return starting July 1 to live – Live With Kelly And Mark shows. But the show will continue to air recordings until their break is over.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. - Live
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. – Live

In the meantime, during the latest episode, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos meet with Steven Guttenberg about his new book, Time to Thank: Caregiving for My Hero. Steven discusses how he spent time caring for his father. As they interview Steven, the details he shares lead Mark to admit he is feeling a panic attack on the show.

Kelly Ripa’s Husband Has ‘Major Anxiety Attack’ On-Air

As Steven Guttenberg describes what it takes to provide in-home dialysis for his father, Kelly Ripa notes that Mark Consuelos is getting squeamish. Although both hosts were intrigued by the methods that Steven employed to care for his dad, it was difficult especially for Mark to imagine. Kelly and Mark adore their parents. Just thinking about the process that Steven went through to make his dad comfortable is remarkable. He learned a new trade to provide the service at home instead of requiring his father to receive treatment at a public dialysis center. Kelly emphasizes, “You did something extraordinary for any person in any circumstance…explain to me what that was like…you became a trained dialysis technician.” Then Mark admits it is making his skin crawl just thinking about it. He says, “I’m having a major anxiety attack right now…I’m so scared- afraid of blood. How did you do that?”

Steve Guttenberg - Live
Steve Guttenberg – Live

Mark Consuelos Sticks It Out

Admittedly, Steven Guttenberg recognized the process of going through dialysis is grueling no matter where a patient gets treatment. However, Steven explains to Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos that he and his sister took medical courses to administer the treatment from home. He talks about learning to canulate his father to make the difficult process a little more comfortable. Mark was quick to come out of the panic attack and acknowledge that the feat was remarkable.

Kelly Ripa and Steve discuss him becoming an at-home dialysis technician to help his father. - Live
Kelly Ripa and Steve discuss him becoming an at-home dialysis technician to help his father. – Live

Likewise, Mark brings up that his efforts gave Steven more quality time with his dad which he can never trade. Furthermore, Steven talks about his dad being a huge support of his acting career. He says his dad gave him $300 and two weeks to make it in Hollywood at the age of seventeen. He landed a commercial within two weeks, but then his parents set another “deadline” for just a few months away. At which point he made it in a “little movie” that bought him some time with his parents.

What do you think about Mark Consuelos‘ on-air anxiety attack? Can you identify with Mark? Do you think Kelly Ripa was right about the huge feat that Steven went through to care for his dad? Are you sad the Live With Kelly And Mark shows aren’t live this week? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill


  1. My sister and I did this exact same thing for our mother back in the 1980s. We went with her to the hospital (an hour’s drive away because there were no dialysis centers like there are now), trained to do the treatment, and did it for her for 11 years at home. She was so much more comfortable at home, and besides, the drive alone to St. Louis would exhaust her. A dialysis nurse would come to visit periodically to check everything, and we all became good friends. At the time, the hospital in St. Louis said she had the record for longest time on dialysis. We were very proud of that, and so glad to be able to help our mom, and like Mr. Guttenberg, was glad we had that extra time to spend with our mom. And her grandkids thought her machine was cool.

  2. I can relate to what he is saying because I ran my husband on dialysis for about five years. His nurse whispered to me one day, saying almost exactly the same thing about how I could run him on the machine. I told her it was no way she looked at me and said, you will be helping your husband add years to his life, and letting your boy’s then 2&3 to grow up to know their dad . What a blessing for him If you did, I took her up on the offer and I did it. I will always be grateful for her training and encouraging me. He was blessed with a kidney transplant, We had another child (Daughter ) and he was blessed to see all of his children graduate from high school and to see his first two grandchildren. I thank God for giving me the strength. It was well worth it.

  3. Omgosh, Mark I’m the same way and it’s so dang tough!! 😢
    Unfortunately in 2015 my beloved father-in-law was on his way to his first dialysis and I always treated my in laws like they were my own family!
    We were all so close! I had anixty and panic attacks a week before! I’ve always stood by my husband for nearly everything but I wasn’t sure about going with my husband to support him as we knew the end would come one day and how was I’m supposed to get through this! I prayed, I cried, and then I got this idea to start watching videos about dialysis! The first few days was gross and painful. I knew I had to get through this in 4 days! I had anixty for the next 4 days but continued to talk my way through it! When that day came I woke up feeling some comfort and I was thinking omgosh can I do this and I did! My husband did good and I was happy to be there for him and I was strong! Everything went very smooth!
    I’m happy that I did the things I did because I believe my actions helped me 100% and I was able to be by my husband side until the very end!
    I know my father-in-law was happy for me that I was able to get through it all!
    It was painful when he left us but I felt a sense comfort when it was all done and over! The greatest thing ever was I was there for my husband and my children! He was the first grandparent to pass on either side and it was heartbreaking! 💔
    Good luck to you Mark 🙏🏻

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