‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Admits She’s ‘Panic-Stricken’ In Public Bathrooms

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos - Live

On Live With Kelly And Mark it’s been a big week for host, Kelly Ripa. While she was reunited with a surprise guest, she also had a “first” on the show. But Kelly also admits that she is “panic-stricken” when entering public bathrooms.

Kelly Ripa Has A ‘First’ On Live

Recently, Live With Kelly And Mark host, Kelly Ripa, had a “first” on the show. On the June 20 episode, Mark Consuelos talks about “all-nighters” being an antidepressant. Although Kelly can admit they get a “high” when they stay up late with the Oscars, she isn’t sure it is worth the “downer” that comes the next day by 5:30 p.m. But while discussing Mark’s noteworthy “college all-nighters,” he discovers that Kelly has never had a Moutain Dew. When she begins to ask questions about the flavor profile of the drink, Mark is ready to get her the experience. She quickly identifies it as tasting like “syrup” and says she knows why it appeals to kids.

Mark Consuelos introduces Kelly Ripa to Mountain Dew for the first time. - Live
Mark Consuelos introduces Kelly Ripa to Mountain Dew for the first time. – Live

Earlier in the week, they were also reunited with their long-lost child which was a surprise on the show but a joyous moment. However, Kelly admits she struggles with anxiety at times. In particular, during the show, Kelly says one area that gives her major anxiety is public bathrooms.

Mark Consuelos Talks About The ‘Yips’

When Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were talking on the Live With Kelly And Mark show, Mark mentioned the “yips” in sports. He explains that the term has roots in a psychological disconnect that causes a player, usually golfers or baseball players, to not be able to complete a normally easy movement. However, he chalks it up to the brain not communicating in a moment that essentially makes a player “choke.” Additionally, it is a “freeze” that is basically from involuntary performance anxiety. Kelly relates that Mark sometimes “freezes” in the Stump Mark segment.

She panics when she has to go to public restrooms. - Live
Kelly Ripa panics when she has to go to public restrooms. – Live

Admittedly, Kelly Ripa Is ‘Panic-Stricken’ In Public Bathrooms

Furthermore, Kelly Ripa relates by saying she thinks she gets the yips when going to public bathrooms. Kelly says, “When [I] go into the restroom, and I will hear, ‘That’s Kelly Ripa!’ Now, I can’t go.” Then, she explains, “Even though I have to go desperately.” Likewise, she knows she has performance anxiety in these instances. Mark says, “Do you continue to listen to see what they’re saying?” Kelly admits, “At that point, I’m just so panic-stricken because I have to pee and it’s not coming out, and I’m in there longer, and now they’re in there also longer, and we’re all in there longer.” Furthermore, she says she usually wants to alleviate the awkwardness. Suggesting, “I feel like saying, ‘Guys, can you run the water or something?” Mark thinks they would oblige if she just asked.

Does it surprise you Kelly Ripa has never had a Mountain Dew? What do you think about Kelly’s bathroom performance anxiety? Have you been through anything similar? Are you enjoying the Live With Kelly And Mark show? Drop your comments below.

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