Host Pushes Kelly Ripa To Compete In ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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Live with Kelly and Mark host, Kelly Ripa loves dancing, and sometimes on her morning talk show, she will join the dancers. However, a host of Dancing With the Stars hopes that she’ll be in the next season. Will the wife of Mark Consuelos consider it? Read on to find out what the chances are.

DWTS Host Wants Kelly Ripa On The Show

After Tom Bergeron left Dancing with the Stars, Tyra Banks took over. She wasn’t popular with ABC fans, and Alfonso Ribeiro became her co-host in 2022. Then in 2023, after Tyra left, former pro-dancer Julianne Hough joined Alfredo as a host. Presumably, the status quo will remain like that in Season 33 this fall. So, which of the two hosts hopes that the Live with Kelly and Mark host will compete this year?

Alfonso Ribeiro, Julianne Hough, and other Dancing With The Stars Season 32 cast members from Instagram
Alfonso Ribeiro, Julianne Hough, and other Dancing With The Stars Season 32 cast members from Instagram

There have been a lot of rumors about Julianne Hough leaving Dancing With the Stars. However, her other gigs like her fiction book won’t impact her appearance on the ABC dance competition. And, if you are wondering which of the two hosts wants Kelly Ripa on the ABC show, it’s Julianne Hough, per People. It is likely that Mark Consuelo’s wife will want to dance in the competition?

Kelly Ripa Will Dance In Dancing With The Stars?

The question about participating in DWTS was raised on Live With Kelly and Mark last year. At the end of September 2023, soon after the elimination of Matt Walsh from¬† Dancing with the Stars, the subject arose on the ABC morning talk show.¬†It turned out that a fan felt Mark’s wife would be perfect for the show because she always wanted to be a ballerina. Unfortunately, she grew too tall. But, for ballroom dancing, she’d fit the bill nicely.

Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark from YouTube/Screenshot
Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark from YouTube/Screenshot

Unfortunately, Julianne Hougn might be in for a disappointment. In the Live with Kelly and Mark segment after doing Bollywood dancing with Sarina Jain, she refused to ever appear on DWTS. The ABC host said emphatically:

I’ve got enough going on, give me a break.

Does that mean she might never consider it? The trouble with Kelly Ripa is that she sometimes jokes. And, she’s really good at keeping secrets. If she is going to be on Season 33, it’s unlikely that she will spoil the news ahead of time. So, fans of the morning talk show and the dance competition can still hope for an announcement. Then again, fans of DWTS might not like it if she is on the show. The talk show host has a lot of dancing experience from Dancin’ on Air, AKA Dance Party USA.

Many fans hate it when experienced dancers join the show, which is why JoJo Siwa took some heat from viewers. They believe that experienced dancers put other competitors at a disadvantage.

What do you think of DWTS host Julianne Hough wanting Kelly Ripa on the show? Would you like to see that happen? Or, do you prefer competitors with no previous dance experience? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Dancing with the Stars and Live with Kelly and Mark news.

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  1. I would love to watch Kelly Ripa on DWTS, she certainly wouldn’t be the first to compete with experience in dancing. As just a viewer, I would love for both Kelly and Mark compete. Donnie and Marie both competed, so why not Kelly and Mark. Anyone Live knows what great shape Kelly and Mark are in so it would seem great to see them on DWTS!

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