‘Love During Lockup’ Dustin Stalked Jessica Following Prison Release

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Love During Lockup fans may recall Dustin Phillips from Season 2. Well, it turns out he can’t stay out of trouble following his release from prison. Apparently, he has had a number of arrests since his release, including stalking his ex-girlfriend Jessica. Keep reading to see what has unfolded since viewers saw them on television.

Dustin & Jessica’s Relationship Ended Quickly

You may remember Dustin and Jessica from Season 2 of Love During Lockup. Jessica picked up her life in Florida and moved to Tennessee to be closer to where Dustin was serving his prison sentence. The pair met while Dustin was incarcerated. On top of relocating for him, Jessica got a tattoo of Dustin’s surname on her stomach (something she seriously regrets now).

After Dustin was released from prison, things went downhill for the Love During Lockup couple quickly. In February 2023, Jessica caught Dustin in bed with another woman. She confronted him and he choked her, stole her truck, and drove off with the other woman. This led to a high-speed police chase and Dustin was eventually caught and arrested.

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Following that ordeal, Jessica moved back to Florida and started to try to get her life back together. She wound up dating another convicted felon with an extensive wrap sheet.

Love During Lockup Star Files Protective Order

Shockingly, Dustin also decided to relocate to Florida. He and Jessica wound up running into each other multiple times. It didn’t seem to be a coincidence either. In January 2024, Jessica and her new beau filed orders for protection against Dustin.

The court filing describes Jessica’s experience with Dustin in Tennessee. She claims that the Love During Lockup star only moved to Florida to follow her. In the documents, she also pointed out that Dustin has been arrested multiple times since moving to Florida and was never extradited to Tennessee, even though there are warrants for his arrest there.

Jessica Love During Lockup - YouTube/WEtv

Jessica also claims that Dustin has made various threats to her, her daughters, and her current boyfriend. According to Jessica, Dustin said, “OK when I’m sitting in your apartment complex parking lot on the back of your car in the morning when you wake up to go take your lil stupid a** to work, I don’t wanna hear, ‘What are you doing here? Why are you doing this to me?’”

He also said things like, “Your b*tch a** isn’t going to know what to do when I’m sittin gon the stairs when y’all come home or wake up,” and “I would destroy you if I put my f***ing hands on you. I would beat you to a bloody f***ing pulp.” Dustin also told her that he doesn’t care if he goes back to prison, which is evident based on the number of times he’s been arrested since his release.

The injunctions for protection were granted on January 23 and will remain in effect until January 2025.

Dustin only managed to avoid getting in trouble for a few months following the order of protection being put in place. On June 4, he led the police on another chase after attempting to flee a traffic stop on his motorcycle.

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