Gerry Turner Blew 2nd Chance & Gives ‘Bachelor’ Fans ‘The Ick’

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While The Golden Bachelor star, Gerry Turner, had the world swooning for his tender heart during the premiere of the first-ever “Golden” dating for Bachelor Nation, the sentiment is seemingly fading.

Gerry Turner’s Image Takes A Dive

Although Gerry Turner was chivalrous and lovable during his time on The Golden Bachelor, many fans are changing their minds. Watching Gerry date the twenty-two single ladies was a sight to see. He made Bachelor Nation history and won over not only many of the women vying for his attention but also largely made America see the significance of dating after the age of sixty. When he and Theresa Nist walked the aisle for the Golden Wedding, it was a beautiful occasion. However, just three months after tying the knot, Gerry and Theresa made a combined statement that they were unable to make it work. They dissolved the marriage and were back to square one with their prenup making it relatively simple to go their separate ways. However, after the split, seemingly, the love for Gerry went sour.

Gerry Turner The Golden Bachelor - Instagram
Gerry Turner The Golden Bachelor – Instagram

Gerry Turner Is A Changed Man

Part of the tone shift came after Gerry Turner told TMZ he wasn’t ready to “get back out there” yet, but he had many options when he did want to. Reportedly, he says he is getting plenty of DMs and women approaching him in public with their phone numbers. Notably, he says he takes the numbers but isn’t pursuing anyone at this time. While the show has made him a very public figure, some people find it strange he is already talking about “other options.” Likewise, others think it could be part of the way he processes the grief of another marriage ending.

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner/Credit: Joan Vassos Instagram
Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner – Instagram

However, some fans speculate he is bringing up the topic to show Theresa Nist he is doing just as well as she is. Furthermore, some wonder if he views her extra attention after the split as a source of jealousy. Undoubtedly, The Golden Bachelor has changed Gerry. While he began as an extremely private individual, the experience has made his life very public. But many fans think he blew his second chance at “forever love” when he parted with Theresa. However, it doesn’t mean he is a bad person. Seemingly, much of his decision to part ways with Theresa was to stay close to his kids and grandkids who he adores.

Bachelor Fans Get ‘The Ick’

Unmistakably, The Golden Bachelor experience got Gerry Turner back on the market. Although the union with Theresa Nist wasn’t meant to be, he also connected with several other women on the show. Both Leslie Fhima and Faith Martin were in the final three ladies. Although their relationships were tight-knit, most likely it would take time and healing for them to reconsider dating Gerry again. Both ladies felt some scorn after feeling like they were his “number one” choice only to be dropped at the end of the season. Furthermore, there were whispers of Gerry mistreating an ex before he became The Golden Bachelor.

Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist, and Faith Martin/Credit: Faith Martin Instagram
Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist, and Faith Martin – Instagram

However, Gerry Turner had a spark with the new Golden Bachelorette. Unfortunately, Joan Vassos was stolen away during the season because she needed to return to her family for an emergency. Some people wonder if Gerry will get a shot at trying to win over Joan during the first Golden Bachelorette. While the two had great chemistry, unfortunately, many believe Bachelor Nation fans have “the ick” after watching Gerry’s cringe-worthy falling out with Theresa. Time will tell, but it doesn’t seem likely he will be appearing on any new Bachelor Nation shows anytime soon.

They connected on The Golden Bachelor/Credit: ABC Instagram
Joan Vassos and Gerry Turner – ABC Instagram

What do you think about Gerry Turner? Do you still want to see him on future Bachelor Nation shows? Do you think he is cringey after the divorce from Theresa Nist? Would you like to see him get that shot at winning Joan Vassos‘ heart? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill


  1. Gerry Turner cried too much in my opinion……a bit too dramatic for my taste! All that drama and then to end like it did was a bit much! Don’t think “The Golden Bachelor” is a winner!

  2. Ah the “George Santos” bachelor…..nothing Golden about this liar….1. Said he was an Alumni of Iowa ( but dropped out)2. Said he was a “ Restaurateur “ ( but just had a crappy drive thru hamburger joint- that he worked out after he dropped out) 3. Claimed he had no relationships after his wife died but in fact had a live in for over a year that he thru out in the middle of winter just because she put on a few lbs. 4. Said he lives on a lake which is really just a big pond in “ no where Indiana”

    Everything about this guy is a LIE! Like I said the “ Geo Santos” bachelor. I blame ABC for polishing this turd of a guy💩. I bet they bring him back on the upcoming Golden Bachelorette!

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