‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Takes Son To The ER, Why?

Bear and Raiven Brown - Instagram

Alaskan Bush People mom, Raiven Adams Brown, and her husband Bear Brown have two sons; this year, their third little boy will arrive. This weekend, the Discovery Channel star shared the worrying news that one of her two boys, River and Cove had to go to the ER. Read on to find out if he’s going to be okay.

ABP Raiven Brown & Bear Give Updates

Recently, fans heard that Raiven and Bear took the kids to Texas because she’s expecting another baby. It came not long after the couple announced their plans to return to Alaska. Because of the baby, they had to cancel their plans for Alaska, and perhaps it will happen once their new child is old enough for his mom to feel comfortable with the move.

Raiven Brown - Bear Brown Instagram
Raiven Brown – Bear Brown – Instagram

Raiven Brown will soon have three adventurous little boys, and River and Cove love life up on the mountain when they stay in Washington. The latest news reveals that whether they live in Washington, Alaska, or Texas, one of their sons might have problems from time to time. Read on to find out what could bug the little ABP boy no matter where they live.

Alaskan Bush People  – River Brown Has A Bad Reaction Goes To ER

On the weekend, Bear’s wife took to Instagram and shared that her son, River had a bad reaction and she explained that it happened before. So, she took him to the ER. In her first post, she revealed a red patch on the leg of her boy. In her caption, the Alaskan Bush People star asked:

Do any of you or your kids have “skeeter syndrome” if so what do you do for it? I am semi allergic but not this bad. This is what rivers are doing. he has three. they started as a mosquito bite yesterday.


'Skeeter Syndrome' Raiven Brown - Instagram
‘Skeeter Syndrome’ Raiven Brown – Instagram

Being careful, the ABP star also told her fans that she was taking her son to the ER to check it out.

River Goes To The ER - Instagram
River Goes To The ER – Instagram

Next, Raiven Brown told her Discovery Channel fans about the medication River was given. She wrote, “For those asking, they gave him steroids and Benadryl and a prescription for it for a few days.”

River Brown Medication - Raiven Brown - Instagram
River Brown Medication – Raiven Brown – Instagram

Some Discovery Channel fans must have queried if River Brown really reacted that badly to mosquito bites. Or, they thought it was something else. In the next post, the ABP star said, “It is 100% a mosquito bite for those saying different things! We watched it happen and it’s happened before. We took him to the ER also, and he’s okay.”

Alaskan Bush People - River Will Be Okay - Raiven - Instagram
Alaskan Bush People – River Will Be Okay – Raiven – Instagram

According to Every Day Health:

Skeeter syndrome is a relatively rare inflammatory reaction to mosquito bites, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Symptoms may develop hours after a mosquito bite and can include a large area of swelling, heat, redness, itching, and pain…

Bear Brown sons River and Cove IG
Bear Brown sons River and Cove Instagram

What are your thoughts about River getting such a bad reaction to mosquito bites that his mom, Raiven Brown had to take him to the ER? Do you know anyone with “skeeter syndrome?” Shout out in the comments below and come back here for all your Alaskan Bush People news. 

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