‘ABP’ Matt Brown Forced To Apologize For Taking Vacation

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown felt forced to apologize to his fans for taking a vacation. The reason for the apology was that he was gone for almost a week. Then, fans started to worry about him. Matt uses his Instagram account as an accountability tour in his rehabilitation. Therefore, this causes his fans to keep a close eye on his well-being.

Here is what Matt had to say and why he felt he needed to apologize for just taking a peaceful vacation.

Matt Brown Apologizes For Absence During Vacation

Matt Brown returned to Instagram after disappearing for a week. When he came back, he saw a lot of messages from worried fans. Many people were concerned something had happened to the Alaskan Bush People star and reached out to make sure he was okay. Matt felt forced to apologize for the absence.

Matt Brown on the mountain / YouTube

Matt posted a short video on Instagram this week and said he was back from Coppaka and apologized for worrying his fans. A lot of people in the comments also thanked him for checking back in and said they were worried when he went a week without posting. However, many of these fans seemed to miss something important last week.


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Matt had told people he was going to Chopaka Mountain before he left. He had posted a few times about the upcoming trip. More so, he told fans how he was preparing and what he looked forward to the most about this peaceful vacation. Anyone who follows Matt on Instagram should have known he was going up the mountain.

However, people seemed to ignore those posts and just focused on the fact he went a week without posting after that announcement. This made Matt feel he needed to apologize for taking a break from society to get back to nature.

Matt Brown Offers Up New Live Stream After Mountain Trip

There is little to no reception on Chopaka Mountain, and that is good. It allowed Matt Brown to disconnect from the world and get back to nature. This is where he loves it the most. The good news is that Matt took his phone and camera with him and put together some footage for fans.

Matt then started a new livestream with fans on YouTube. He talked about his trip and several other fun things from his life. While Matt has used Instagram a lot for his accountability journey, it only allows for short video clips. However, Matt has learned that he can chat back and forth with fans on YouTube and post live videos that are as long as 20 minutes or more.

That seems to be what Matt loves to do now. Fans can catch him on that social media platform and he followed up with a second live video on Wednesday.

What are your thoughts on Alaskan Bush People fans worrying about Matt Brown while he was on vacation? Do you think he really owed anyone an apology? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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