‘Alaskan Bush People’ Matt Brown Worried Fans With Dead Silence

Matt Brown / YouTube

Former Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown uses Instagram to keep up with his fans. However, his main purpose of using social media is as an accountability tool. He uses it as much as possible, often daily, to check in and show his recovery journey. However, he was missing for a week from Instagram. When he checked in today, fans showed their concern.

Here is what fans said and why Matt Brown was missing for the last week.

Matt Brown Checks In & Fans Express Worries

Matt Brown was back on Instagram today for the first time in a week. He posted a photo and just said hi. However, when fans took to the comments, they let him know they were worrying about him after the week-long absence. Since he uses this as an accountability tool, many fans might have thought the worse.

Matt Brown on the mountain / YouTube

When fans took to th comments, many of them let Matt know they missed him and showed concern.

  • “Don’t stay away so long next time Matt you had everyone worried about you.”
  • “Weird. Was just wondering about you, and here you are! Maybe I should manifest something”
  • “OMG, good to see and hear you’re ok!! Stay safe and have fun!”
  • “Thank God your back , did hear you say you were going , i think 20 days . But without word we still worried!!”

While fans were worried about Matt, he had let them know what he was about to do before his one-week absence.

Where Was Matt Brown During His Absence?

Matt Brown posted a video before his extended absence that let fans know where he was going. He wrote in this return photo’s caption, “Hi, friends! I’m back from Chopaka.” Chopaka is a mountain next to where Matt lives. He often takes excursions to the mountaintop for time away from society and to go where he can relax and get back to nature.

Matt often delivers great videos from his trips up Chopaka Mountain as well. While Matt takes his phone and recording equipment with him, it is often just used to record his travels and adventures. The reception there isn’t productive for live streaming and sending out Instagram posts. He even just released a video about is return from the mountain.

Since Matt let everyone know he was going up the mountain for a small vacation, it seems people just missed out on that message. This caused people to worry about what might have happened to the former Alaskan Bush People star.

The good news is that a new YouTube video might be coming soon. Matt loves to share his adventures with his fans after every trip up the mountain.

Are you surprised that so many people were worried about Matt Brown during his one-week vacation up Chopaka Mountain? Are you ready to see his video footage from the trip? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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