‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Compares River To Cove With Cute Pictures

Bear and Raiven Brown - episode screencap

Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown has shared some new photos of her new baby boy, Cove. In one of the recent shots shared on her Instagram Stories, she compared her newborn to her other son, River.

Here is a look at the two photos of Cove and River and Raiven’s update on her newborn baby boy.

Raiven Brown gives update on her son Cove

Raiven Brown delivered her baby boy last week. However, the baby was moved to NICU due to breathing problems. The baby is still in the NICU, but Raiven has some good news for her fans. He is no longer on the breathing tubes, although he is still under close observation.

Raiven Brown - episode screencap

Raiven posted a photo of Cove in a crib, and then she ended up answering fan questions after the photo. It appeared that some fans thought the baby was out of the NICU thanks to the crib. However, Raiven said that he was still in NICU and would be for a little while longer. However, she said he was not premature so doctors took him off his tubes and put him in a crib in the room.

Raiven delivered Cove in a scheduled c-section when she was 38 weeks along. However, he ended up being diagnosed with premature infant lung disease. While he was not born prematurely, he still struggled to breathe on his own, but it looks like he has improved drastically since his birth.

Raiven also announced his name is Cove Gabriel Caden Brown. She previously said she wouldn’t announce the name until he was doing better, so things look good right now for Raiven and her new baby boy.

Raiven compares River and Cove with photos

On top of the updates on Cove’s health, Raiven also posted the cutest photo of the newborn with another of River. In the photo, she posted a picture of River sleeping and then contrasted it with a photo of Cove sleeping. In the caption, she wrote, “River vs cove” with a laughing so hard she is crying emoji. She then wrote, “copy paste mama said.” The two baby boys were almost duplicates.

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Unlike Cove, River was born prematurely. Raiven’s pregnancy with River ended up endangering both her and her baby’s life. She had to go in and deliver the baby early, and he ended up coming out okay over the years. Cove was delivered after 38 weeks in a scheduled c-section.

With Cove still in NICU, Raiven sounds like things are progressing so that she will get to take her baby boy home soon.

What are your thoughts on the photos of River and Cove? Are Raiven Brown’s sons the spitting image of each other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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