‘Bold & Beautiful’ Krista Allen Teases Her Possible Return

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Bold & Beautiful fans have been making some serious demands of the writing team on the show. Viewers have been begging for one of their favorite characters, Dr. Taylor Hayes (portrayed by Krista Allen), to make a comeback on the show. Now, the soap star has opened up about whether or not returning to The Bold & The Beautiful is in the cards or not. Continue reading to see what she revealed.

Why Did Krista Allen Leave Bold & Beautiful?

Krista Allen, 53, was the most recent actress to play the role of Dr. Taylor Hayes on the CBS soap opera. Before she took over, Dr. Hayes was portrayed by Hunter Tylo, who left the show in 2019. Krista first appeared on Bold & Beautiful in 2021 and remained on the soap until November 2023 when she decided not to renew her contract.

Since then, Krista and her character have been missing from the show. According to the actress, it was definitely the right move for her to make. At the time, she decided to take a step back from the soap opera and move to Atlanta.

Bold & Beautiful Krista Allen - YouTube/CBS

Her decision came after the writers on Bold & Beautiful seemed to put her character on the backburner of the storyline. While Dr. Taylor Hayes was initially a main character on the show, she was bumped down to a recurring role. After a few months of this, Krista Allen turned down a new contract. There were only a few lines being offered over the span of a few episodes.

More recently, rumors have been circulating that the writing team may be ready to recast the role of Dr. Hayes. There was a casting call for a character called “Sabrina” who seemed fairly similar to Dr. Haye’s character description.

When it comes to whether or not Krista Allen will be returning to Bold & Beautiful, the answer seems to be no. That doesn’t mean she thinks the fans aren’t owed some kind of closure with the character.

Fans Want To See An End To Dr. Hayes’ Story

“Taylor is needed,” she said. “There’s a big fanbase that wants to see her be there for her kids, and who want to see this woman they’ve loved for decades find happiness.”

Krista also noted that Bold & Beautiful fans “spent years waiting for Taylor to return.” In the end, she said, “I hope, for their sake, the show finds a way to continue her story!”

Fans have weighed in on Dr. Hayes’ absence on the show and what they wish would happen. Most B&B fans agree that Krista Allen was great on the CBS soap, and they also know that she did not return because she was no longer in the main storyline.

Bold & Beautiful Krista Allen - YouTube/CBS

“Only if the writing changes. No need for Taylor to prop overused characters just to give them screen time. Taylor deserves her own SL as she did all those decades ago. Krista in the role only if she is respected and valued,” one person wrote on X.

“I would love to have Taylor back onscreen the way William Bell wrote Taylor. Strong independent witty and vulnerable. Brad Bell doesn’t know how to honor his father’s legacy,” a second viewer chimed in. Another person noted that the “story is unfinished” and that “her character was never meant to be a prop in someone’s story.”

Several people said they would welcome Dr. Taylor Hayes back onto the show but with a “different writing team” at the helm.

What do you think? Would you like to see Dr. Hayes make a return to Bold & Beautiful? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I agree she needs to come back but I would much rather it be Hunter Tylo in the role…I think Krista’s portrayal was a little bit too childish and she came off less mature than her daughter and Brooke also and she is supposed to be around the same age or older than Brooke but she didn’t seem like it and that needs to change if Krista returns to the role and also the hair department never seemed to get her hair right or wardrobe… Hunter’s Taylor always had great hair and dressed much classier and professional comparing to Taylor 2.0

  2. yes she should come back as Dr. Taylor Hayes. But she should also have a chance with Ridge again. It has always been that Ridge has chosen the ‘Logans’ over his own family for the entire show. No one ever says anything about it. Why can’t the Forester’s be a united front for once.

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