‘Bold & Beautiful’ Fan-Favorite Actor Replaced After Six Years

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A popular actor on The Bold & The Beautiful is leaving after being on the show for six years. The character is being recast, and there are several new faces joining the program soon as well. Keep reading to find out who is leaving Bold & Beautiful in the coming weeks, and who will be making their debut on the beloved soap opera.

Finnegan George Is Leaving Bold & Beautiful 

Finnegan George, who has played the role of Will Spencer on Bold & Beautiful since 2018, is being recast. Crew Morrow will be taking his place on the show. Crew is the son of Joshua Morrow who plays Nick on The Young & The Restless. This will be his first acting role.

Of course, Crew Morrow will be playing the role of Katie (played by Heather Tom) and Bill’s (Don Diamont) son.

It has also been reported that several other actors will be joining the B&B cast. Tom Arnold and Clint Howard are expected to join the show soon. Jim Belushi’s daughter Jamison will also be playing the role of a lab tech named April. Belushi will appear in the July 15 episode.

Tom Arnold has been cast as Captain Deuce Stevens, a pilot who will fly the Forresters back to Monte Carlo. He is only slated to appear in two episodes as a guest star on July 20 and July 31. Clint Howard will also be in two episodes. He is going to play the role of the new hire at Il Giardino, Tom. Fans can expect to see Clint in the June 20 and June 21 episodes.

Tom Arnold - YouTube/Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
YouTube/Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Arnold spoke with Us Weekly about his upcoming role on the soap opera. He told the publication, “It was great fun!”

He continued, “People love The Bold and the Beautiful. The loyalty, the fans, the opinions … I started going online and listening to fans argue about certain things. It’s like sports.”

Drama Continues To Unfold On B&B

These casting shakeups come after a lot of drama unfolding on Bold & Beautiful. Fans were surprised by the plot twist in Sheila Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) storyline. Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) appeared to have stabbed Sheila to death. However, Sheila was resurrected just weeks later.

Both fans and Kimberlin Brown herself were shocked at how the incident was handled on B&B. Other potential shakeups are on the horizon as well.

Bold And The Beautiful Annika Noelle - YouTube/Studio 10
YouTube/Studio 10

Although there has been no confirmation regarding Hope Logan’s (Annika Noelle) storyline, it is possible that she may meet trouble soon too. The character has been experiencing a lot of headaches and has had some significant changes in her personality recently, leading some fans to think that the writers may be alluding to a brain tumor.

One thing is for certain though. Bold & Beautiful fans are gearing up for another summer full of plot twists on the soap opera.

What do you think about the latest casting changes? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I am sick of BB and their ridiculous story lines. The show is quickly fading into oblivion!!!!

  2. I have been watching since grandma Stephanie and Sally Spectra always fighting I am sick and tired of Stephanie keep bossing everybody like she runs everything and everybody I do wish hope get with finn and let Liam keep drooling for her.

  3. I would love to see Hope and Finn end up together and someone needs to put Steffy in her place. She tends to act as though She is better than hope. Also Katie needs to stay out of Bill and Poppys relationship. She had many chances to go back to Bill and didn’t.

  4. I did like B&B but I just say the preview for next week so I might be skipping a week or so. Thomas coming back with Paris on his arm is as about as ignorant as it can get.
    But so be it. I got better things to do.
    bye-bye B&B!

    1. Can’t stand Paris! Can’t stand the character at all! Her sister was even worse! They should bring Summer from Y&R over to be with Thomas! Lol I can’t believe they let “TOM” REALLY SING AND SAY HE WAS A STAR AT ONE TIME”! Omg was that horrible!

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