‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Does Hope Logan Have Brain Tumor?

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There have been several hints dropped on The Bold And The Beautiful in recent weeks that point to Hope Logan (played by Annika Noelle) not being herself. She seems to have low energy and is having a hard time with severe headaches. Not to mention, she’s done a few things that seem out of character for her. Could Hope have a brain tumor? Keep reading to see what the show’s producers have revealed so far.

Hope Logan Has Been Changing Over The Last Few Months

First, fans have noticed that Hope Logan has done several things that were out of character for her recently. The relationship that unfolded with Thomas (played by Matthew Atkinson) was strange and he decided to keep Hope from Beth. At the same time, her closer relationship with Finn (played by Tanner Novlan) and her crush on him wasn’t like Hope either. Typically, she is more straight-laced and doesn’t get caught up with boys like Finn.

Bold And The Beautiful Annika Noelle - YouTube/CBS

As the Bold And The Beautiful writers are getting prepared for sweeps, fans are wondering if some of Hope’s recent strange behavior might be a sign of something more serious. More specifically, could Hope Logan have something wrong with her brain?

Hope has mentioned persistent headaches more than once on the show, raising some red flags for viewers. While her character has shrugged it off as stress-related, it could be something else. Even Finn expressed some concern when they talked about the headaches in his office, but he has been able to provide Hope with some relief using massage and pressure points.

Is There A Brain Tumor Storyline Unfolding On Bold And The Beautiful?

It is possible that this could turn into another brain tumor storyline on The Bold And The Beautiful for Hope. The headaches are a significant clue. She also fainted at Deacon’s (played by Sean Kanan) apartment when she saw Sheila Carter (played by Kimberlin Brown) for the first time.

Bold And The Beautiful Annika Noelle - YouTube/Studio 10
YouTube/Studio 10

On top of that, Hope has had some personality changes lately. As mentioned above, her relationships with men have been a little out of character. When it comes to how she interacts with other people in her life, Hope isn’t taking anything from anybody.

She has started to advocate more for herself, which isn’t like the once timid Hope Logan many B&B fans once knew. Hope is sticking up for herself with Steffy (played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Throughout recent episodes, Hope also seems intensely focused on not becoming like her mother. Long-time viewers know that Hope is the product of her mom’s affair with her sister’s husband. Now, she is fantasizing about Steffy’s husband, although she vowed to never be like her mom.

Generally speaking, medical issues in soap operas can lead to devastating fallout. Is it possible that the headaches and recent changes in personality are related to a brain tumor or could it be something else? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Hope is pregnant with Thomas baby which is why she’s fainting and getting headaches not a tumor no way.

  2. Since I had a brain tumor and know what it’s like, I really don’t like tv shows portraying it like it’s just another medical condition. Some brain tumors such as mine (blessed, believe me I know I am) can be removed completely while others are in places of the brain that surgery is impossible, so to make it seem like it’s just another medical condition is far from the truth. If the TV show goes there, I hope they show how having one is devastating to the person with it but also the people who care for them.

  3. BB tumors SL are the same OH! thing everytime. Thomas for is behavior! Now! Hope! They are writing Hope like her mother and we fan’s are not okay with this SL. For Hope to sit in her cabin and fantasizing about Steffy husband is horrible. I can’t believe that this is all BB writer’s can write about?
    I am not to happy with BB and there are other SL that need attending too!

  4. Not another brain tumor storyline. It needs to be something else. Why is it that Steffy has to get hurt all of the time lately? She FINALLY found a man that loves only her, now you guys are ruining her relationship with Hope, another Logan. Give me a break. 😑

  5. She’s pregnant y’all with Thomas baby did y’all caught the phrase Thomas said, he wanted a child, that child will come from Hope, Paris won’t want that.

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