‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Return Date Announced For Final Episodes

Yellowstone Season 5 | YouTube

Yellowstone is coming back a lot sooner than many fans thought. While there is no word on whether Kevin Costner will be back as John Dutton, it sounds like the current filming will be done in time for the final episodes to start streaming later this year.

Here is exactly when Yellowstone Season 5’s final episodes will start airing on Paramount.

When Does Yellowstone Season 5 Final Episodes Return?

A new trailer dropped that announced the return date for Yellowstone Season 5. There is no footage and no actors shown. It is just the logo and the return date. The good news is that the show will return in just a matter of months.

Kevin Costner on Yellowstone | YouTube
Kevin Costner on Yellowstone | YouTube

The second half of Yellowstone Season 5 will premiere on Paramount on Sunday, November 10, at 9/7c. The series returned to production in Montana last month after going on hiatus in January 2023.

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family, which controls the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States. However, there is violence, betrayals, and political turmoil between the family, its expanding town, the local Native American reservation, and America’s first national park.

This break caused Kevin Costner to start working on something else. He had said he had a lot better uses for his time than sitting around waiting for 14 months without even being sure it would ever get finished. That resulted in Costner finally making his dream movie project with Horizon: An American Saga, of which part one comes out in July.

Will Kevin Costner Be In Yellowstone Season 5?

There is no word on whether Kevin Costner will return to the role of John Dutton for the last Yellowstone episodes. There has been a huge controversy between Costner and the series as it went on hiatus and wanted him to stick around and wait while he wanted to make his epic Western movie, Horizon.

Costner said he never walked out on Yellowstone because he did everything he was contracted to do. However, he also said he would return if he got a script he liked, and they could come to a deal. “If I like the story [and] where it was going, I would go back,” Costner said. The actor also said he did five seasons when he only signed on for three.

The good news for fans is that show producers also shifted their perspective on bringing Costner back, realizing they might need to bring him back to achieve some resolution. The word is that the show won’t feel complete without Costner there to finish John’s story in the final episodes.

Are you excited about Yellowstone Season 5 finally arriving to finish the story? Do you think Kevin Costner will return to finish off John Dutton’s storyline? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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