‘GH’ Bryan Craig In Touch With Maurice Benard, Morgan Back Soon?

Bryan Craig - YouTube/ABC

General Hospital fans will be thrilled to know that there is some buzz about Bryan Craig returning to the soap opera as Morgan sometime soon. Apparently, Craig is still regularly in touch with Maurice Benard. On Father’s Day, he paid tribute to his TV dad and it got GH fans wondering whether or not Morgan will be making a return to the soap opera. Keep reading to find out.

Who Is The Mystery Person Returning To Port Charles?

At the 51st Daytime Emmy Awards, executive producer Frank Valentini hinted at a former cast member returning to General Hospital. “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for him,” he told ABC 7 News.

Since then, fans have been debating on who the “him” might be. Now, a recent exchange between Bryan Craig and Maurice Benard has viewers thinking they might know who is returning to Port Charles.

Bryan Craig - YouTube/State of Mind With Maurice Benard
YouTube/State of Mind With Maurice Benard

Speculative conversations have pointed at Craig potentially being the actor in question. Many fans hope that the ABC soap opera will bring his character, Morgan Corinthos, back to General Hospital. There has not been any confirmation as to whether or not Morgan is dead or alive since viewers last saw him in 2017.

After stealing Julian’s car, which was rigged to explode, Morgan was presumed dead. The hit, which was ordered by Olivia Jerome in order to kill her brother, led to the dramatic end of Morgan’s storyline on GH.

Fans Hope Bryan Craig Is Coming Back To GH

A recent post on social media had fans wondering if Bryan Craig might actually be the cast member returning to the show soon. He posted a photo of himself alongside Maurice Benard, wishing him a Happy Father’s Day on Sunday. The pair appear to be at a fighting gym in the snapshot Craig shared.

In the photo, Benard is wearing a black t-shirt and is standing next to Craig, who is sporting a white tank top and black hat. The former General Hospital actor wrote on X, “Happy Father’s Day Maurice Benard.” To which Benard replied, “Love you.”

Maurice Benard and Bryan Craig - X
X/Bryan Craig

The comment section was flooded by GH fans hoping and praying that Bryan Craig was making his return to the soap opera soon. “Just tell me you’re coming back to #GH No one else will know,” one person wrote. Another person simply asked, “Coming back?” while a third begged him to “Stop playing with us.” 

John J. York is returning to General Hospital this week as Mac. While that fact is known, many fans are hoping to see Bryan Craig make a return on the ABC soap opera as well.

There isn’t any confirmation one way or the other at this time. So, viewers will just have to wait and see whether or not Craig is the “him” Frank Valentini was referring to.

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