‘General Hospital’ Vet Nancy Lee Grahn Disses On-Screen Daughter?

Nancy Lee Grahn/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube

General Hospital vet Nancy Lee Grahn took to social media to pay tribute to her on-screen daughters but ended up sparking speculation of a feud. Did she diss one of her TV daughters?

General Hospital Vet Shouts Out Co-Stars

Nancy Lee Grahn joined General Hospital in 1996 as legal eagle Alexis Davis. Nearly three decades later, her character has seen some massive twists and turns.

But one thing that is always constant is Alexis’ love for her daughters. That love has transcended the screen into real life. Grahn took to her Twitter this week to pay tribute to her real-life daughter, Kate. She also proclaimed herself a “mama bear” to her on-screen daughters, past and present. She included GH newbies Kate Mansi and Kristen Vaganos, who play Kristina and Molly.

Kristen Vaganos as Molly and Kate Mansi as Kristina/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube
Kristen Vaganos as Molly and Kate Mansi as Kristina/Credit: ‘General Hospital’ YouTube

Mansi and Vaganos both joined the ABC soap in 2023 and are embroiled in a front-burner surrogacy storyline. The roles were previously played by fan favorites Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina) and Haley Pullos, who left the role as Molly after a DUI arrest in early 2023.

Grahn mentioned both former actresses in her post. She previously came under fire for relentlessly defending Pullos.

Credit: Nancy Lee Grahn Twitter
Credit: Nancy Lee Grahn Twitter

Nancy Lee Grahn Disses On-Screen Daughter?

The social media post was supposed to be heartwarming but as any GH fan knows, Alexis actually has three daughters. A 2006 storyline revealed that Sam McCall, played by Kelly Monaco since the character came to Port Charles in 2003, is Alexis’ long-lost daughter with mobster Julian Jerome.

Twitter users were quick to notice that Nancy Lee Grahn’s post neglected to mention Kelly Monaco. According to one fan, it wasn’t the first time the actress seemingly dissed the Dancing With The Stars champion.

Credit: Nancy Lee Grahn Twitter
Credit: Nancy Lee Grahn Twitter

Clears The Air… Sort Of

Nancy Lee Grahn is extremely active on Twitter, so of course she saw the backlash from fans for leaving Kelly Monaco out of the tribute.

She replied to multiple people to say that she doesn’t think of Kelly as a kid, but as a friend. She’s beautifully middle aged to my senior. That’s all. There’s no there there. Love Kelly,” she added.

Credit: Nancy Lee Grahn Twitter
Credit: Nancy Lee Grahn Twitter

The actress encouraged the Twitter community to “play nice” and not read so much into her tweets.

What do you think of her reasoning for leaving Kelly Monaco out of the post? Does her explanation make sense or is there an underlying feud she’s not admitting? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. NLG is many things. A fabulous actress. Alexis Davis on GH and Julia Wainright on Santa Barbara, before. On twiX (formerly Twitter & I refuse to call it X.) she is very aggressive, political, provocative, yes, she mouths off, it’s a fact. In real life she is an adoring mother to a young adult daughter, Kate. On GH the Davis women are together & apart, a force to be reckoned with. As it goes in soapdom, each of her 3 daughters has a different father. Her daughter with Sonny, is Kristina, her middle daughter. The baby, although she’s not one, is Molly. The oldest is Sam, short of Samantha. I love the Davis Women & the very idea that Nancy is dissing Kelly Monaco is absurd. Offscreen, these are colleagues & friends. https://www.facebook.com/groups/3144711669180711

    1. Totally agree with you! Trying to ‘stir the pot’ again. Too much hate in the world and social media.

  2. I wouldn’t think it was a diss. I would probably have left Kelly out too for the same reason. The other two are younger and Kelly is more mature. People just don’t like Nancy for her political views so like to jump on anything she says no matter how it was meant and that isn’t fair.

  3. I understand Nancy saying she couldn’t play mama bear to Kelly who is was not a child when she began on the show as Lexi and Haley were. Kelly wouldn’t want Nancy trying to act like a second mother to her as well. The dynamics are different … it wasn’t a slight.

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