‘GH’ Nancy Lee Grahn Takes Up For Haley Pullos After DUI

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General Hospital star Haley Pullos is serving time for a DUI accident where she hit another car and then fled the scene of the accident. While Pullos originally denied her guilt, she took a plea deal and is serving a 90-day jail sentence. Now, her co-star Nancy Lee Grahn has spoken up in support of Pullos after the sentencing.

Here is what Grahn had to say about Pullos serving time in jail after the DUI hit-and-run accident.

General Hospital Star Takes Up For Haley Pullos After DUI

Haley Pullos was arrested in April 2023 after a head-on collision while driving on the wrong side of the road. However, Haley blamed the victim at the time even though she was legally intoxicated and was driving on the wrong side of the road. Her defense didn’t hold ground, and Pullos ended up in jail.

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While she could have killed someone in the head-on collision, while testing legally intoxicated, it seems her General Hospital co-star Nancy Lee Grahn feels it is too much punishment. According to Grahn, who plays her on-screen mother, Alexis, people wanted to see Pullos go down for this and she said she hopes they are happy.

“[You’ll] be relieved to know that she’s in max security solitary confinement alongside hardened criminals,” Grahn said (via She Knows). She then claimed Grahn is “isolated” except for one hour a day (for her safety) when she gets phone privileges. She then said she spoke to her that day on the phone.

Grahn said she is impressed with Pullos’ strength, resolve, and accountability. She also said Pullos didn’t have one complaint about her time in jail. She also said, “Much of what you read about her was not true.” While the news was from police reports, Grahn claims it was lies because “the media is for sale.”

Haley Pullos Sent To Jail For 90 Days

Part of the problem is that police say she was in a second accident before the first one and left the scene of that accident. Haley couldn’t leave the second accident, as she had to be removed from her car with the jaws of life. Haley also reportedly began yelling at the first responders when they tried to help her.

The victim in the accident, Courtney Wilder, has sued Pullos, and she backed up Pullos’ attitude after the accident. Pullos pleaded not guilty to the DUI and blamed the other driver.  Following her court case, it was proven she had a 0.08 BAC, which is enough for a felony. She also had edibles and mini bottles of tequila in her vehicle at the accident.

Haley agreed to change her not-guilty plea to no contest when she accepted the plea deal from prosecutors. The DA dropped the hit and run and the first accident charges. She will serve 90 days in jail with five years of probation. She has to pay $8,000 in restitution to the victim and won’t get her license back for a year.

What are your thoughts on Haley Pullos’s jail sentence for DUI and Nancy Lee Grahn’s defense of her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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