Ryan Paevey Done At Hallmark? Could He Return To ‘General Hospital’?

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For the past few months, there has been a question of whether Ryan Paevey would be returning to Hallmark. A few months ago, he shared he considered taking a break from acting.

Now, the Hallmark Hunk has shared some information via social media about his attendance at the upcoming Halloween & Harvest Festival. This information reveals his current situation with the network.

Lastly, Ryan shares whether or not he could be returning to General Hospital. Also, here is some news about a planned free fan event.

Here are all  the latest details.

Photo: Ryan Paevey Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Brendan Meadows
Photo: Ryan Paevey Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Brendan Meadows

Ryan Paevey Not Attending RomaDrama’s Halloween & Harvest Festival

On Thursday, romance movie fans were excited about the Halloween & Harvest Festival hosted by Romadrama. Many familiar names are attending including Hallmark Hunks Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, and Kristoffer Polaha. However, Ryan Paevey’s name was not listed.

The Unleashing Mr. Darcy star had revealed on his Instagram Stories that he was not attending the event. The first story said, “For those asking…no, I will not be attending the RomaDrama event later this year, our their future events. Sorry guys, we’ll have to link up some other way.”

Ryan Paevey - Instagram
Ryan Paevey – Instagram

However, he did share on his IG that he would set up a meet and greet at his little bro’s restaurant where he sometimes works at.

Later, he wrote another story, “Also, anybody wanna jump on a live today around 3PM PST today? I have some ideas about hanging out later this year….my own little meet and greet, haha. No ticket price, and me and little bro will make sure you get fed. Let’s spend a day together eh?”

Ryan Paevey - Instagram
Ryan Paevey – Instagram

Lastly, he created a survey for “Free event November 2 with me and little bro.”

Ryan Paevey - Instagram
Ryan Paevey – Instagram

Later, Ryan clarified some of those details on Twitter. He is limiting this event to 40. It appears that it has to do with the size of the restaurant. He also stated that he had a backup plan by using a local park. Most of all, it would be like one of the events.

Oh yeah I’ll do all the stuff they do at other events, just in a smaller, less formal setting. Same in the park for those that can’t fit in restaurant haha.

Therefore, fans who want to meet Ryan should follow him on his social media to get the latest details on this meet and greet.

Ryan Paevey - Twitter
Ryan Paevey – Twitter

Didn’t Want To Work With ‘Crazy Guys’

This is not the first time that Ryan Paevey has talked about not attending the Christmas and other cons where fans meet and greet their favorite actors.

Back in 2022, he shared that he would not not work with “crazy guys” again. Therefore, he would not be working with That’s 4 Entertainment again. However, in that same set of video stories, he did share that he would work with RomaDrama again. He even said, “I love them to death.” Therefore, in the past two years, that relationship soured.

Ryan has recently shared that he has suffered a lot of financial loss and dishonest people in the business. This has to be very difficult for anyone who is trying to make it in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, it seems that Ryan has had a lot of bad luck. It is unfortunate that no one took him under their wing to help him navigate the rough waters of this business.

Two Tickets to Paradise, Hallmark Channel

Ryan Paevey Tells Fans He Is Not Returning To Hallmark

After months of speculation, Ryan Paevey shared on this IG chat that he would not be returning to Hallmark. He stated this several times. Although he did not specify anything, he accused the network of “dishonesty.” However, he would not go into #the drama.”

Hallmark has not issued any sort of statement since Ryan made entertainment headlines that he was not offered a movie and could be taking a break. But, Hallmark has recently changed something with their relationship with actors. They no longer have exclusive contracts.

It is not clear if this is the “dishonesty” that Ryan is referring to, or if there is another reason. He would have to come forward with the specified issues. It is not always clear why some actors left Hallmark to work with Great American Family, but there are certainly a lot of Hallmark actors who continue to thrive with the network. This is not public information shared with the media or fans.

Hallmark Photo: Ryan Paevey, Erin Cahill Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss
Hallmark Photo: Ryan Paevey, Erin Cahill Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

Will Ryan Paevey Return To General Hospital?

In the IG live, Ryan Paevey was asked if he would return to General Hospital. He responded that although he was friends with several people from that ABC Soap, he would absolutely not be returning. This has been his standard response since he left the series.

Ryan Paevey Cindy Busby Bliss Hallmark YouTube
Ryan Paevey Cindy Busby Bliss Hallmark YouTube

Meanwhile, Ryan Paevey fans can order up a personalized Cameo video if they cannot attend his personal meet & greet.

Hallmark and General Hospital fans, what do you make of all of this new information? Please share your comments and theories below.

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  1. I obviously don’t know the contracts nor the compensation structure that may be the root cause. However, I have seen all of his HM movies and the fall off in quality of scripts and, quite candidly, the quality of the female leads recently would be enough to make me hang it up too. From the Mr. Darcy scripts and the roles opposite Taylor Cole, Erin Cahill and Italia Ricci which allowed him to show real acting chops to the really poor roles as the ex-NFL quarterback and the astronomy movie with the 16 year-old female lead, obviously Ryan was being given lesser quality roles/scripts as time progressed. Maybe he should talk to the GAF people.

    1. I would love to see Ryan again in the movies. He is so handsome and talented. I hope a new network will give him a contract. I watch Hallmark movies and there are some actors who are more mediocre with looks and talent than others, and Ryan stands out, so what is the issue I do not know. I pray for his return.

  2. Ok. Without knowing the history here we just tend to come up with reasoning at times to be a bit much. I use to watch more Hallmark but let’s face it the network has changed and the demo they are attempting to push for isn’t their actual. I do not feel with the younger set of actors and actresses at times. I prefer GAF no doubt. I appreciate what Bill did for Hallmark let’s face it they are running on things he created and made the netwok more successful except they don’t get the true recipe. GAF movies with actors and actresses I can feel life! Wholesome entertainment where the original works are made into movies and don’t update or change things just because. It’s obvious there need to be better and more fitted events. Honestly I give every movie with Ryan Paevey a chance. I love the chemistry he has had with a number of others and just think the world of him. I feel he’s more genuine and appreciate that so much. he doesn’t seem to place himself on a pedestal at all. He’s like your everyday type of guy with more! These are the types of actors I look forward to. I didn’t even know he was in a soap! I look forward to hearing and seeing what he has in store. If this is all Midwest or West coast based unlikely I could attend. Almost like he needs a few scheduled surprise pop ups! If he knows no more Hallmark and he gave it his best he needs to entertain a conversation with Bill Abbot at GAF for sure. the difference in TV where actors and actresses are more than just puppets but actually get involved. More than filming movies! Making something special! One more thing what is the name of the popular restaurant and location? First ive heard of the little brother. Again im not following every step Ryan takes!

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