‘General Hospital’ Bryan Craig Teases Morgan’s Return To Soap

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Bryan Craig might be coming back to General Hospital. This all started when the soap’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, said, “a former cast member is coming back.” This excited fans, and people began speculating about who could return to the series. When Bryan’s name came up, the actor hinted that it might be him.

Here is what Craig said about returning to the show.

Is Bryan Craig Coming Back To General Hospital?

When asked about any bombshells for General Hospital while at the Daytime Emmy Awards, executive producer, Frank Valentini, said that the former cast member is a big one and that he thinks “the audience will go crazy for him.”

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With the only thing known being that it is a “him,” that fueled people guessing his identity. With everyone speculating on who could be making the big return, one site speculated that it could be Bryan Craig returning as Morgan. The key to this is that Craig himself responded to this by writing, “Who could it be…” He then reposted the tweet and added a thinking face emoji.

Some fans thought that John J. York’s return as Mac might be the surprise. While he is returning from his medical leave, the return was already announced so it wouldn’t be a surprise. He also isn’t a “former” cast member, as he only took a break from the show.

The biggest guesses were Bryan Craig, with other options being Jonathan Jackson coming back as Lucky or Ted King resurrecting Alcazar. “I would say to the fans: keep watching, keep supporting us, and keep us on our toes,” Valentini said.

What Happened To Morgan On General Hospital?

Bryan Craig joined the General Hospital cast in 2013 as Morgan Corinthos. He earned four Daytime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Younger Actor and won it twice, in 2016 and 2017. He left the show in 2016, meaning he got all that acclaim in just three years on the soap opera.

Since leaving, Craig appeared in shows like Valor, GrandHotel, and Good Trouble. His role as Joaquin Peréz in Good Trouble just ended, so he has an opening for another show. Craig last appeared on General Hospital in 2018 as a hallucination.

Morgan Corinthos died in a car bomb explosion in 2016. However, as with all the best soap opera storylines, his body was never found after the explosion. This is how soaps keep things open for a return, and fans have been wondering if he would ever return and surprise everyone by surviving the incident.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming General Hospital return? Do you think it will be Bryan Craig and Morgan Corinthos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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