‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Show Concern Over Si Robertson’s Health

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Robertson - Instagram

Recent updates from the Duck Dynasty crew have fans concerned about Uncle Si Robertson. On Memorial Day, Si appeared in a clip shared on social media. He spoke about honoring soldiers who gave their lives for their country. However, many people focused on the fact that Si was hooked up to oxygen in the video. So, what’s going on with Si Robertson’s health? Keep reading to find out.

Duck Dynasty Fans Notice Something Different About Si Robertson

Duck Dynasty fans noticed a few different things about Uncle Si Robertson in his latest social media update. He appeared to have gone under the knife, or clippers to be more exact.

The beloved reality TV star was sporting a more clean-shaven look than he’s had in years. His hair was trimmed down and he also had the sides of his beard cut more closely to his face. Not surprisingly, Si is still rocking the “mudflap,” which is a long goatee that much of the Duck Dynasty family sports.

His new haircut isn’t what had so many fans concerned though. Several people noticed that Uncle Si seemed to be having some health issues in a recent post online.

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Robertson - Instagram
Instagram/Si Robertson

A video shared on social media shows Si hooked up to oxygen. He was also talking a bit slower than fans are used to hearing him speak on the “Duck Call Room” podcast. His breathing seemed labored and many Duck Dynasty fans expressed their concerns in the comment section.

What’s Going On With Uncle Si’s Health?

There isn’t much to report regarding Si Robertson’s health other than he’s getting older and some of his pre-existing conditions are taking a toll on his body.

In June 2022, he was approved for surgery that involved inserting valves in his body to assist an under-performing lung. The 76-year-old reality TV star also has Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Not to mention, he smoked for more than 40 years, which has had a profound impact on his lung health.


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Thankfully, his surgery in June 2022 went well and he was able to get back to work later that year. Although it has been two years since the procedure took place, Si is still having trouble breathing on his own. Unfortunately, that is something he will likely have to live with for the rest of his life.

After several Duck Dynasty fans questioned his use of oxygen in his most recent video online, others stepped in to answer questions. “He’s been on oxygen for some time, he uses it more some days than others. He said [it’s] from smoking too many Winstons in nam,” one person wrote. Another chimed in, “Duck call room episode 11 from 3 years ago he had it on, you can see it on [YouTube].”

The good news for fans is that Uncle Si is feeling well. So, you can continue to expect updates through the Duck Dynasty podcast and social media.

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  1. We love u SI, will be praying for you buddy. We watch you on LG channel 304 all the time. Fun times….

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