‘Duck Dynasty’ Jep And Jessica Robertson Announce Huge News

Jep and Jessica Robertson | IG

The Duck Dynasty family has some big news for their fans. Jep and Jessica Robertson went to Facebook to reveal the good news and it sounds like the family is growing now.

Here is what you need to know about Jep and Jessica’s big news and what it means for their family.

Jep & Jessica Offer Huge Duck Dynasty Family News

Jep and Jessica Robertson checked in on Facebook this week and had some big news for Duck Dynasty fans. This was actually more for fans of the family, as it has nothing to do with the old show or the more recent Duck Family Treasure show. Instead, this is about their kids.

Jep and Si on Duck Family Treasure | YouTube
Jep and Si on Duck Family Treasure | YouTube

In the post the couple shared on Facebook, they announced that Merritt and Tyler got their marriage license and are about to get married. Jep and Jessica have five children, including one they adopted named Jules Augustus (nicknamed “Gus”). Merritt is one of their three daughters (along with Lily and Priscilla). They also have two sons (River and Gus).

Merritt, 19, has been dating Tyler and he finally proposed to her over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2023. Now, six months later, they have their marriage license. Merritt and Tyler attend Abilene Christian University, and she just finished her sophomore year.

Fans flocked to the comments to wish her well with the upcoming wedding.

  • “Wow so crazy that’s Merritt! She grew up since I last saw her in tv!”
  • “Unbelievable ! I still think of Merritt as a little girl. Congratulations.”
  • “Can’t believe how fast time has pasted bye.It seems like only yesterday you was just a little kid.Now your all grown up getting married. Congratulations”

Merritt’s Wedding Follows Jep & Jessica’s Daughter Lily

Merritt is the second of Jep and Jessica’s Duck Dynasty kids to get married. Lily, 22, got engaged in October 2022 and married her husband Austin in June 2023.

Duck Dynasty fans got to know these kids better when the spinoff show Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty began airing in 2016. The show ran for a year and focused on the couple adopting Gus. This, at the time, courted controversy as Gus is Black and many outsiders believed that Jep’s father was a racist.

The show helped reverse those opinions. It also helped the world get to know their other kids, who were younger at the time of the filming. Lily was 14 at the time while Merritt was 12. Currently, Duck Family Treasure is the show airing with the family, streaming on Fox Nation.

Are you surprised that Merritt is getting married already? Please help send your best wishes to Merritt and her fiance, as well as the entire Duck Dynasty family during this happy moment in the comments below.

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