Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Take Big Step Toward Divorce?

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Have Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez taken a big step toward divorce? The superstars have been showing signs that this marriage is not working for them. Yet, now it seems they are more serious about ending the relationship than ever before. Keep reading to see what they are doing to dissolve the union.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Take Big Step Toward Divorce?

When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reconnected after nearly two decades, it seemed like they were meant to be. She had been married to Marc Anthony in between that time in which she had twins, Max and Emme. Lopez was even engaged to Alex Rodriguez but their nuptials got postponed. Then, she and Affleck found their way back to one another and it was only a matter of time before they were engaged again. He had three children who clicked with her twins and they had massive star power.

Jennifer Lopez-YouTube
Jennifer Lopez-YouTube

However, she liked the spotlight far more than he ever has and does. That has always been an issue for the couple. In recent months, rumors of marital problems have surfaced and now, it looks like things are taking a turn toward the end. According to Page Six, Lopez and Affleck are getting ready to sell their $60 million Beverly Hills mansion. It is 38K square feet but they have allegedly not been happy there for some time. Per an insider, Affleck does not even like the home:

“Ben never liked the house. It’s too far away from his kids.”

As for Lopez, she feels it is “too big for her” so clearly, they do not need this home any longer. They have not been in the house for all that long. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck purchased the lavish home in May 2023. That was less than a year after they wed in Las Vegas in July 2022. Yet, the duo wanted to ensure that there was enough room for their five children to roam around free and comfortably. It more than does that with twelve bedrooms and twenty-four bathrooms.

Ben Is Gone

Allegedly, the Beverly Hills mansion has already been listed but Jennifer Lopez is the only one currently there. Supposedly, Ben Affleck is staying in a rental for the time being. Though they are still friends and see each other every few days, the marriage is allegedly over. An insider shared this information back in May 2024:

“[Affleck has] come to his senses now and understands there is just no way this is going to work.”

They did just come together to celebrate Affleck’s eldest daughter, Violet’s high school graduation. He shares his children with his ex-wife, actress, Jennifer Garner. Hopefully, the couple resolves their issues sooner rather than later and does not feel the need to unnecessarily drag it out.

Do you think selling this home is a sign that they are getting divorced or are they just looking to downsize their lives? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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