Meghan McCain Shares Beef She Has With ‘Unpleasant’ Jennifer Lopez

Meghan McCain-YouTube

Meghan McCain is sharing the beef that she has with “unpleasant” actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez. Lopez was a guest on The View when Meghan was co-hosting and she did not have a great experience. Now, she is shedding some light on what it was like and why it was so bad. Keep reading for more details.

Meghan McCain Shares Beef She Has With ‘Unpleasant’ Jennifer Lopez

It is no secret that Meghan McCain’s time on The View was not great. She tried to do her best and enjoy the experience but she struggled. In the end, she and Joy Behar clashed so much that she was ready to go. Meghan had gone on maternity leave and when she came back, Behar openly said she did not miss her. Though Meghan had tried to create fun banter about her absence and being missed, it fell flat. After four years, she left and never wants to go back. Plus, she does not think she would be welcomed back at this point.

Meghan McCain/YouTube
Meghan McCain-YouTube

Now, she is opening up about one of the guests that came on the show, Jennifer Lopez. The actress and singer is currently all over the news for her marital struggles. She is on her fourth marriage, this one to Ben Affleck but it seems to have hit a roadblock. Moreover, she just canceled her tour so there has got to be something more going on in her life. Not to kick her while she is down, Meghan spoke out about how awful Lopez was as a guest. According to Page Six, she spilled the tea on the June 7th episode of her Citizen McCain podcast.

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Meghan McCain called Jennifer Lopez “deeply unpleasant” when they met on The View.

“I, too, share similar negative stories that the entire world does. I feel bad because we’re turning a point where there’s bullying happening to J.Lo.”

So, what happened between the two women to cause Meghan to make such a statement?

“She just is a deeply unpleasant person. She had the biggest entourage I’ve ever seen [when she was on ‘The View’]More than Kim Kardashian and the president.”

To Meghan, that simply did not make sense and was not needed. Additionally, Meghan claimed that Lopez had a TikTok video taken down. In it, Meghan said that she was not her favorite The View guest.

Bad Blood

Admittedly, Meghan McCain has no proof that it was Jennifer Lopez who had the video taken down. Luckily, it was later put back up but Meghan’s co-host, Miranda Wilkins added:

“We’re beefing with her right now.”

Meghan also wanted Lopez’s diva-like behavior to be accentuated. She shared this BTS tidbit:

“I was a host at ‘The View,’ she was not nice. You don’t always have to be so nice, but it was surprising that people like Kim Kardashian couldn’t be more delightful.”

Meghan McCain noted how short these interview segments actually are. Therefore, the guests can be pleasant for the ten-minute intervals.

Do you believe what Meghan is saying about J.Lo or do you think they just did not click? Let us know in the comments below.

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