‘Bold And Beautiful’ Kimberlin Brown Shocked At Character’s Death

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Many fans were shocked when Kimberlin Brown’s character Sheila died on The Bold and the Beautiful, and others were surprised when she came back from the dead. However, as shocked as fans were, Brown was just as surprised. She said the news of her death and resurrection sent her on a “rollercoaster” of emotions.

Here is what Kimberlin had to say about her character’s death and return to the popular soap opera.

Kimberlin Brown Talks Sheila’s Bold And The Beautiful Death

Anyone who has watched soap operas for very long knows that dying does not mean the characters are really dead. Countless characters have returned from the dead more than once, and Sheila is no different. However, for actress Kimberlin Brown, she didn’t know she was coming back.

Kimberlin Brown as Sheila Carter/Credit: 'B&B' YouTube
Kimberlin Brown as Sheila Carter/Credit: ‘B&B’ YouTube

Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) stabbed her mother-in-law Sheila in a February episode of The Bold and the Brautiful. It seemed the villain was finally dead and gone from the show. However, on April 29, Sheila returned to the soap opera, and she is very much alive.

“It was upsetting when I found out that I was going to be killed off the show. It’s a call you never want to get,” Kimberlin said in an interview at the Daytime Emmy Awards (via PEOPLE). “You keep a stiff upper lip, and you’re very professional, and then you go home, and you kind of pour yourself a drink and think about it.”

For many people, soap operas are a lifetime job and a way to keep working and making money by playing the same character day after day, year after year. She also said at the time of her character’s death that it was “a tough place for me to be in right now.” However, she was glad Steffy was the one who finally took Sheila down.

Kimberlin Brown Surprised Sheila Was Coming Back

As far as Kimberlin Brown knew, she was finished with the show, and Sheila was dead and gone. She seemed to have finally given in to it, saying, “I have been so blessed to be for over 35 years. But I’ve had a good run at it, so I’m one of the lucky ones; there’s no doubt about it.”

Bold and the Beautiful Sheila Carter Kimberlin Brown
Sheila Carter/ Youtube

However, that isn’t what happened. When The Bold and the Beautiful producers called her and pitched her coming back to the show as Sheila, she said it was “emotional.” Kimberlin said, “I didn’t have to think long, because like I said, she was my baby. I’ve been playing her for over 35 years, and to have that phone call meant the world to me.”

However, she also said it was a rollercoaster ride. She has appeared in more than 1,150 episodes, and now she is back for more.

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