‘The Bold And The Beautiful’: They Want A Whole New Sheila

Bold and the Beautiful Sheila Carter Kimberlin Brown

The Bold And The Beautiful wants viewers to see a whole new Sheila Carter. They want you to see a changed woman and forget all the things she has done in the past. This new woman will be Deacon’s wife and not someone who attempted to murder her son. Are you falling for it?

Sheila Carter’s Shaky Past

Sheila Carter has done a lot of things in her past that upset the people around her. She shot Steffy and Finn both, which has made Steffy not want her around at all. This is reason enough for Steffy to leave town and take her kids with her. She doesn’t want Finn’s mother anywhere near her family and she doesn’t trust her.

Of course, she has shot several other people on the show as well including Brooke Logan. Sheila has played the villain and has done a great job doing it. All of a sudden, she is supposed to be a nice guy. That is a bit hard to see.

The New Sheila Carter On The Bold And The Beautiful

Now, Sheila Carter is with Deacon and seems in love. She is trying to fix her relationship with Finn. It appears that The Bold And The Beautiful wants viewers to see a new Sheila Carter and forget about the ways of her past. Right now, she seems to not be totally crazy, but everyone knows that won’t last. Something is going to bring back out the other side of her and probably sooner rather than later.

Is she going to marry Deacon and get her happily ever after? Will Sheila mend her relationship with Finn? More than likely, this will all fall apart instead. Something is probably going to happen to make it all fall apart. You can easily assume that viewers are going to see the old Sheila Carter once again. She will show them the way she has always been and come out guns blazing ready to take someone down. Who is going to get caught in her fire though? Hopefully, Steffy stays out of town long enough that someone else takes Sheila Carter down before she comes back with her children.

Are you seeing a whole new Sheila Carter now? Do you feel like she has changed? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful on weekdays on CBS. It is going to be a wild ride.

Mandy Robinson


  1. I was already sick to death of this character and the hundred times they have had her pop up out of nowhere. Now, they are trying to rehabilitate the nine-toed homicidal maniac? Give me a break!

  2. I’m LOVING this storyline ☺️. Enjoyed watching the character of Sheila Carter. IF it’s true excited to see the new storyline 👍🏾 Also see a FinnHope pairing.
    Steffy ‘s going to force Finn to find consolation from her because she keeps reminding him of how better the world is w/o Sheila. WHAT LOVING wife would say that to her grieving spouse? Regardless of how back Sheila was she STILL was his mother

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