‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Is Kimberlin Brown Leaving Show?

'Bold And The Beautiful' Is Kimberlin Brown Leaving Show?

Bold and the Beautiful fans are wondering if Kimberlin Brown is leaving the show. Sheila Carter was attacked by a vicious bear, which left her dead. The Forresters and Logans are coming to terms with this startling information. The police department brought along the evidence, which included a gruesome discovery.

Sheila Carter was the ultimate villain of the soap. She’s gone up against many characters and won. Now, fans learned that her character has lost a fight with a bear in the woods while trying to escape her criminal sentence. Some aren’t convinced that Sheila is gone for good this time around.

Sheila Carter Found Dead [CBS | YouTube]
[CBS | YouTube]

Bold and the Beautiful: Is Sheila Carter faking her death?

As Bold and the Beautiful fans know, Sheila Carter is good at lying. It’s likely that she faked her death. Fans are wondering what happened between the last time they saw Sheila. She showed up at Deacon Sharpe’s (Sean Kanan) apartment to hide from the police.

However, he refused to keep her around. Deacon is still on parole, so he doesn’t want to get in trouble. He wants his relationship with his daughter Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) to work this time around. Though Deacon helped Sheila to hide from the detectives who arrived at this door, he told her he can’t help her anymore.

Sheila Carter Staging Death? [CBS | YouTube]
[CBS | YouTube]
Since then, Sheila has been MIA from the show. On the Thursday, August 11 episode, she was declared dead by Detective Sanchez. He asked the Logan and Forrester families to meet with them to see what they found. They had startling evidence that Sheila lost her life (and a limb) to a bear.

That’s right. The Bold and the Beautiful villain was mauled by a bear. It’s kind of hard to believe since she’s a tough woman who’s escaped jail and death. Some fans find it too good to be true.

Is Kimberlin Brown leaving the Bold and the Beautiful?

Some Bold and the Beautiful fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the heels of the latest episode. Most of them called out the Forresters for believing Detective Sanchez. They feel that the family is too naive when it comes to Sheila Carter’s fate. It’s likely that she’s staging her death so she can pop up on the family when they least expect it.

Sheila Carter Escaped Prison [CBS | YouTube]
[CBS | YouTube]
“Taylor, Brooke, Eric, y’all have been dealing with Sheila for 30 years. And how many times have you been through this to only find out it’s been an illusion?” one fan wrote.

“I don’t believe for one second that Sheila Carter is dead!!! And a bear attack, no way!!! She will be back!!!” another added.

At the time of this writing, Kimberlin Brown hasn’t announced her departure from The Bold and the Beautiful. She doesn’t have any other projects in the works. Do you believe that Sheila is dead? Sound off below in the comment section.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. You can also catch up with the soap on Parmount+ and CBS.com.

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  1. I don’t think Shelia dead she going to wait when they stop being cautious within they selves that when she be back for her revenge

    1. Was her body found Just a toe This is a soap opera -They come back from the dead Heard that she’s coming to haught Young and Restless

  2. I think it’s all a setup Sheila ain’t dead. My thoughts are she faked her death but again it’s a soap so anything is possible. I think it was someone else and she put her DNA all over it and staged the whole thing. Give her about 6 months to a year she taunt Steffi and Finn kidnap Hayes or my other thoughts are she will have plastic surgery pretending to be someone else until they figure it out lol

  3. I don’t believe Sheila is dead either. Deacon helped her .out with the fakeness. Like he helped Diane out on the young and the restless soaps

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