Captain Lee Rosbach Confirms Falling Out With Carl Radke

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Below Deck alum, Captain Lee Rosbach used to be very friendly with Carl Radke from Bravo’s Summer House. However, recently fans started wondering if they fell out. Since then, confirmation from the older man arrived that they had a nasty falling out during BravoCon.

Captain Lee Rosbach & Carl Were Close

Carl Radke and the old man of the sea became friends because they bonded over tragedies. Lee lost his son, and Carl lost a family member to addiction. In September last year, when the Below Deck alum launched his podcast, Salty with Captain Lee, he promised to dish tea on everything Bravo.

Below Deck Captain Lee, Summer House Carl Radke [Screenshots | YouTube]
Below Deck Captain Lee Rosbach, Summer House Carl Radke – YouTube
One of Captain Lee Rosbach’s early podcasts was about Carl who had spilled the tea that he and Linsday canceled their wedding in Mexico. Ugly rumors arose about Carl making another woman pregnant. So, the Below Deck captain defended him.

Summer House Star Cark Radke Falls Out With Lee

Standing up for Carl didn’t get the Bravo captain any good vibes from his younger friend. That seems sad because Lee lambasted Kyle Cooke for stirring the pot with Linsday Hubbard. The first sign of cracks between Cark and Lee arrived when he said that hadn’t been in touch with him for a while. A week later, he confirmed that they had a big falling out.

'Below Deck' Season 9, Episode 10 Didn't Air This Week, Here's Why [Credit: Bravo Insider]
Captain Lee Rosbach – Bravo
Captain Lee Rosbach spoke about Carl on his latest podcast. Speaking with his co-host, Sam DeCavalcanti, he explained that they did a podcast with the Summer House star and allowed him to approve what he wanted. They wanted to give him a chance to discuss the scandal from his own viewpoint. In fact, he described what they talked about as “a softball interview if I’ve ever seen one.”

After the preview went out, they pulled the episode because Carl Radke had a meltdown. The Bravo star added:

I got a phone call, he just went off [about] how I was trying to take advantage of him and put him on the spot. His publicist was there, as was mine, you were there. I was blown away. I don’t know what made him go off the way he went off or why he thought what he was thinking. He ended up hanging up on me after accusing me of deceiving him.

The Below Deck star addressed Carl next, saying, “Mr. Radke, you were never deceived by me. I thought we had a very solid relationship considering our background together. No good deed goes unpunished.”

What are your thoughts about Carl Radke so viciously attacking his old mentor and friend, Captain Lee Rosbach? Are you sad about that? Did he deserve a good man to stand for him when rumors raced around about him and Linsday Hubbard? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Summer House and Below Deck news.

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