‘Summer House’ Women Shade Lindsay Hubbard For Breakup

Summer House Women

It seems the women of Summer House have thrown shade at Lindsay Hubbard after her breakup with Carl Radke. Lindsay claimed that she was blindsided by the breakup. Some of the girls do not agree with that. They also think the relationship was toxic and had a lot more to say. Amanda even thinks she could have ruined her friendship with Lindsay due to what she said. Viewers know that all the women on the show will say how they feel and not hold back. Keep reading to find out more.

Amanda Batula Thinks She Ruined Friendship

Amanda Batula gave her opinion on whether Lindsay Hubbard was blindsided or not. It seems she may have lost her friendship with Lindsay due to what she said. However, she said it anyway and did not care too much about it.

 “I can see how she might have felt blind-sided because I think, here goes mine and Lindsay’s relationship down the toilet, I think she truly believes her version of the stories in everything she says. Like she’s not lying or making it up to seem better. I think she has a version of how things go down, and she absolutely believes it. So, for her, she wasn’t the issue at all, so how could he call it off if she hasn’t done anything wrong ’cause she truly actually believes that.“

Amanda does not necessarily think Lindsay lies; she just thinks there is a false narrative going on. Amanda does not put up with the crap that Lindsay tries to do.

Lindsay Hubbard-Instagram
Lindsay Hubbard-Instagram

What Do The Others Think?

Some of the other women have their opinions as well. Paige DeSorbo had one about the breakup.

 “I just feel like I’ve been on the receiving end of her telling a story about us, and it’s like that’s not what happened. And of course, anytime you get broken up with, yeah that’s sad. That is traumatizing, and I feel bad that she got broken up with, and I feel bad that the world knew literally the day after. I wonder how they knew, but I couldn’t have 100% sympathy because I then felt that she went into immediate he’s evil, he’s horrible, she got Gabby to co-sign that immediately.”

Well, it seems the other women do not think Lindsay is as much as the victim as she portrays herself to be. Paige is known for saying exactly what she thinks and feels. However, fans also agree with what she had to say. Ciara Miller also agrees with Paige.

Lindsay Hubbard-Instagram
Lindsay Hubbard-Instagram

It seems that the women think that Lindsay paints her narrative when it comes to arguments. It is not necessarily that she lies, she just convinces herself what she remembers is right. They did not hold back when it came to voicing their opinions about the relationship. Do you agree with them? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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