‘Summer House’ Paige DeSorbo Reveals Rage After Reunion

Paige DeSorbo

Summer House Paige DeSorbo recently revealed the rage she felt after the reunion episode. She also talked about how long it takes her to cool down after getting heated. Paige is a fan favorite, and viewers always have her side. Fans love her authenticity and the way she approaches situations. Usually, it is Paige and Lindsay going at it during the reunions. However, this year it may be different. Keep reading to find out more.

Paige DeSorbo May Be Beefing With Danielle

Jesse Solomon revealed on Watch What Happens Live that Paige and Danielle are the ones who get into it during the reunion episode.

“I sit there, and next thing you know, Paige and Danielle are just going at it, I’m just sitting there caught in the crossfire.”

This is more than likely due to the comments Danielle made to Paige about her doing nothing for Craig. This was absurd and it upset Paige greatly. Craig and Paige are a fan-favorite couple on the show.

Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo
Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo

She Discusses The Anger

Paige DeSorbo does not normally talk about Summer House on her podcast. However, she did discuss how she felt after the reunion. 

 “I had filmed the reunion on Friday, and this was days after and I was still so pissed off.”

She even revealed that she told a lady at the airport, “fuck you”. Yikes. Paige also revealed that it normally takes them a couple of weeks to cool down after a fight. Fans are excited to watch the reunion episode this season. There is a lot to go over, like Lindsay and Carl’s breakup. Also, the arguments between Amanda and Kyle. There is a lot to unfold, and fans cannot wait to watch.

“She usually goes after Lindsay at the reunions, but I have a feeling it’s towards someone else this year. Maybe more than one. I personally can’t wait to watch.”

Paige DeSorbo
Paige DeSorbo

It seems that it takes her a couple of weeks to fully cool off after getting into it with someone. She even took it out on a lady at the airport. Fans were shocked to hear that it took so long for her and the cast members to cool down. It seems this year she may get into it with Danielle. Fans also heard there was more that Danielle said that viewers did not get to see on television. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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