Jesse Solomon Reveals Fight Between Danielle And Paige

Jesse Solomon

Jesse Solomon recently revealed that there was a big fight between Danielle Olivera and Paige DeSorbo during the Summer House reunion. It seems that Jesse and Andy leaked some information about the reunion that made fans even more excited to watch it. Paige has been a fan-favorite for a long time and viewers will more than likely take her side on the matter. Keep reading to find out more.

Paige DeSorbo And Danielle Olivera Fight On The Show

When Paige and Danielle were out having drinks, Danielle felt the need to slam how Paige was as a girlfriend. This shocked Paige but she did not feel the need to start a fight at that moment.

 “That’s because you have his balls on a f*cking mantel. I’m going to keep it real with you; I think you’re giving him nothing. Do you actually think this is a forever guy? Or are you just this badass bitch doing your own thing, and he’s really good for right now?”

Fans think Danielle took it way too far and should not have called out Paige like that.

Paige DeSorbo-YouTube
Paige DeSorbo-YouTube

Jesse Solomon Revealed The Argument

Jesse Solomon was on Watch What Happens Live with Carl Radke. He then started talking about the reunion episode. 

“I sit there, and next thing you know, Paige and Danielle are just going at it, I’m just sitting there caught in the crossfire.”

This is more than likely about what Danielle said to Paige about giving Craig nothing. However, Andy Cohen revealed that Jesse got called out as well.

“There was one point where you chimed in about something, and you got your ass handed to you by like three women all at once.”

Well, now viewers want to know what Jesse said that triggered most of the women. The reunion episode is going to be one to watch. The drama is going to be insane. Especially with Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard.


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It seems the two may have gotten into it due to Danielle giving her opinion on Paige and Craig’s relationship. The two seem to be happy and fans love them together. However, Danielle had her opinions on Paige as a girlfriend. Danielle seems to be starting a lot of drama this season. Jesse seems to have enjoyed the reunion episode even though he got yelled at by three different women. Are you excited for that episode? Sound off in the comments below.

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