Rachel Leviss Reveals Why She Will Watch Tom On ‘The Traitors’

Rachel Leviss

Rachel Leviss has revealed that she will be watching Season 3 of The Traitors. She will be watching her ex, Tom Sandoval. Rachel has gone into detail as to why she wants to watch her ex on the show. A lot has happened between Rachel and Tom. They were in a secret relationship for seven months while Tom was in a relationship with Ariana Madix. It ruined both of their lives.

Rachel Leviss Watched Tom Sandoval On Special Forces

Tom Sandoval was on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. Rachel revealed that she did watch him on that show. She enjoyed watching him struggle and have to go through hard challenges.

“I mean, I watched [Sandoval on Fox’s] Special Forces. … Tom was trying to convince me to go on Special Forces with him. I did watch that and I did kind of have a little bit of joy seeing him go through painful experiences. “

Tom ruined not only his life but Rachel’s as well. They are two of the most hated people on reality TV.

Rachel Leviss-Instagram
Rachel Leviss-Instagram

Why She Wants To Watch Him On The Traitors

Rachel Leviss has revealed why she plans to watch Tom Sandoval on The Traitors.

“I have been watching last season’s Traitors, and the dynamic is interesting. I don’t know many of the people on the [season 3] cast, but I may have to tune in for this, because I feel like he is a master manipulator, and it would be very interesting to see his tactics in a situation where it’s encouraged to be manipulative. Like, more of a ‘put on your psychology cap’ for this one because it sounds very entertaining.”

She is ready to see how Tom can manipulate people on the show like he did people in real life. Fans are excited to watch the show and see how Tom Sandoval does. Also, another Bravo star, Ciara Miller who is from Summer House. Will you be rooting for Tom during the his time on the show?

Rachel Leviss-Instagram
Rachel Leviss-Instagram

It seems that Rachel is going to watch Tom on The Traitors to see how his manipulation tactics play in the game. She does not think he is going to be a fan favorite on the show. She is right about something. However, fans think Tom may be one of the first to go due to his bad reputation. if anyone is going to get picked to be a traitor, it is going to be Tom. What do you think about him being on the show? Sound off in the comments below.

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