‘Below Deck Down Under’ Jason Chambers Hints No Season 3

Captain Jason Chambers Below Deck Down Under - YouTube

Captain Jason Chambers was featured on Below Deck Down Under for two seasons when it aired on Peacock, and fans expected Season 3 to come on Bravo. But, did he just hint that there won’t be another season? Read on to find out the context of a discussion about it.

Bravo’s Captain Jason Chambers Discussed The Show

In December last year, Jason told his fans that he planned to request some changes when Season 3 of Below Deck Down Under came along. Until BravoCon 2023, he’d not been allowed input into what happened during filming, and he wanted to change that. One of the things he wanted to change was the amount of alcohol consumed on the vessel.

Below Deck Down Under Superyacht [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
Below Deck Down Under Superyacht – Credit: Bravo TV YouTube
Since then, Captain Jason Chambers said little about another season. It was Aesha Scott returning to Below Deck Med under Captain Sandy Yawn that seemed to be the first red flag that a third season might not happen. Hardly anyone believes her overexcitement about working under Sandy again. A hint the show might be a two-season wonder came during a discussion about Aesha.

Below Deck Down Under – No Season 3?

Bravo fans saw that someone asked a question about Aesha Scott during a podcast, and Jason’s reply ended up on Reddit. There, the OP wrote:

Capt. Jason’s response to a podcast clip asking Aesha how Jason felt about her going to Med.

Captain Jason Joins Below Deck Down Under [Credit: YouTube]
Captain Jason Chambers Below Deck Down Under – YouTube
In his response, Bravo’s Captain Jason Chambers had said:

Of course I was put off a little, but with no season 3 in the pipeline and life in general, situations change and people move on for their own reasons and requirements. Change is great in life, it creates us to grow. @aesha_jean and myself had two great seasons, you need to be grateful for have and had and not for what you want.

Below Deck Down Under Jason Chambers Hints No Season 3 Via Reddit
Below Deck Down Under Jason Chambers Hints No Season 3 Via Reddit

In the discussion that followed, Below Deck Down Under fans seemed unhappy that they got another season of Below Deck Med instead of Down Under. Here are some of their comments:

  • Honestly I don’t know why I keep watching med. it’s like pulling teeth to get through it.
  • Seriously. I stopped watching ages ago and while I kind of want to watch this season for Aesha, I just can’t stand Sandy and her massive ego 😭
  • Urgh! Captain Jason over Captain Sandy ANY day!!!! Wtf are they doing?
  • I thought they’d just shuffled things but Captain Jason’s post sounds like there’s not going to be another BDDU? Unless it’s just being postponed 🤞
  • Wait what? Theres no s3 for bddu?!

However, some people claimed that Season 3 went ahead and filmed without Aesha Scott. Meanwhile, Reality Tea reported that Jason hinted that there has been a delay, rather than a cancellation.

What are your thoughts about Captain Jason Chambers hinting at the end of the Australian sailing boat show? Do you hope it comes back on Bravo and it’s just been delayed? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Below Deck Down Under news.

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