Captain Lee Rosbach Opens Up Ahead Of ‘Deadly Waters’ Show

Captain Lee Rosbach - True Crime - Deadly Waters - Oxygen

Captain Lee Rosbach soon debuts his new true crime show, Deadly Waters, and now, the former Below Deck star opened up about the differences between the two shows. There’s drama, but it’s not trivial stuff that routinely happens with the guests and crews on the Bravo show.

Captain Lee Rosbach Is Missed On Below Deck

After Bravo decided that the “Stud of the Sea” should be replaced by Captain Kerry Titheradge, angry fans followed him to his new podcast, Salty With Captain Lee. Kerry Titheradge seemed to do well as his replacement, but Bravo fans adore Lee. So, many people cheered when they heard about the new true crime show, Deadly Waters.

Captain Lee Rosbach [Bravo | YouTube]
Captain Lee Rosbach – Below Deck – Bravo YouTube
Captain Lee Rosbach reflected on his career with Below Deck on Bravo, but it seems that apart from staying afloat, there’s a big difference between the two shows. Leaving the vessel, St David and his crew, made him sad. However, he doesn’t seem to miss fussy charter guests and drama below deck.

Filming Deadly Waters Differs From Below Deck

Opening up with US Weekly ahead of the premiere of the new true crime show, the fan favorite from Bravo explained how different it was filming about murders and disappearances at sea. He mentioned the lack of self-important guests. For example, he referred to recent scenes on Below Deck, involving Jill Zarin” Additionally, there’s no time for romance, and fighting among the crew. Nowadays, he works with disciplined and expert crime busters.

Real Victims In Deadly Waters - Oxygen
Real Victims In Deadly Waters – Oxygen

Captain Lee explained:

[On] Below Deck, [they] have to worry about Jill Zarin and how her ice cubes didn’t fit [or] they weren’t the right size. [But with Deadly Waters,] You’re talking about bodies popping up and about the effect that it has on the relatives and the mothers and the fathers and the sisters and the people that are left behind.

A Brutal Ending & Catching The Criminals

The new show brings the sad news that people have died. Finding out how and why is way different from watching shows like Law & Order. He said, “I’m that guy that sits there and thinks he’s got it all figured out and then realizes that he wasn’t anywhere close to what really happened.”

Deadly Waters on Oxygen and Peacock
Deadly Waters on Oxygen and Peacock

Interestingly, apart from the sad fact that the victims are not “coming back,” the true crime show reveals that many people murdered on the water are found because the “perpetrators” are often ignorant of how the tides and wind work. The professionals working with Captain Lee Roschbach do know. So, finding them is prime, but he can’t figure out what makes people do such dreadful crimes.

What are your thoughts about Captain Lee Rosbach who found the new show so different from filming from Below Deck on Bravo? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your true crime and Bravo shows. Deadly Waters premieres on June 1 on Oxygen at 9 p.m. ET. You can also stream it on Peacock the next day.

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