‘Law & Order’ Will Have A Major Casting Shakeup In Season 24

Jerry Orbach - YouTube/Law & Order

Law & Order viewers will be sad to know that some of the show’s fan-favorite characters won’t be returning for Season 24. The show will see a fair amount of shakeups for the upcoming season. Keep reading to see which characters won’t make it back for Law & Order Season 24.

Lt. Kate Dixon Departs From Law & Order 

The first actor who plans to depart the police procedural at the end of Season 23 is Camryn Manheim. News of her departure from Law & Order came one day after the show celebrated its 500th episode. She joined the cast when the show was revived for Season 21 and is currently playing the role of Lieutenant Kate Dixon.

Series creator Dick Wolf spoke out about Manheim leaving the show. “I thank Camryn for her three wonderful seasons helping us relaunch Law & Order,” he said. “She is a class act, and I wish her nothing but the best for her next chapter.”

Manheim shared details about her departure from the beloved NBC series on Friday, May 10. She shared a photo on Instagram with a caption about her decision to leave.

Camryn Manheim - YouTube/Law & Order
YouTube/Law & Order

“I had the most incredible experience being a part of the Law & Order Universe, and more importantly the Wolfpack. I’m so thankful for the three wonderful seasons that I spent with this wildly talented cast of merry pranksters,” she wrote.

She continued, listing several of her fellow cast members by name. Then she wrote, “I loved showing up for work each and every day, loved keeping the boys in line at Precinct 27 and most importantly, loved spending time with the most hard working, professional and kindhearted crew. They are truly New York’s finest.”

“Something wonderful awaits me around the corner, and I can’t wait to see what it is. Until then… Go Knicks!” she concluded, referencing the New York team’s run in playoffs.

Her final appearance on the legal drama series will be on May 16, which is when the Season 23 finale will air.

Camryn Manheim Joins Many Others Leaving The NBC Show

Manheim’s departure from the Law & Order cast marks the second major shakeup this season. Sam Waterston stepped down from his role after the February 22 episode. He played the fan-favorite role of DA Jack McCoy.

Sam Waterston- YouTube/Law & Order
YouTube/Law & Order

Tony Goldwyn from Scandal was introduced as Waterston’s replacement on March 14. He is playing the role of DA Nicholas Baxter, a politically correct and sensitive character so far.

On top of that, Jeffrey Donovan left the show right before Season 23 kicked off. Sources said that the actor who played Detective Frank Cosgrove on Law & Order was fired from the show for “creative reasons.” To replace him, Reid Scoot from Veep joined the show as Detective Vincent Riley. In the season premiere, it was shared that he was recruited by Lieutenant Dixon.

Fans were also sad to see Anthony Anderson, who joined the cast to reprise his role of Detective Kevin Bernard, leave after Season 21. Mehcad Brooks (Supergirl) then took his place as Frank’s new partner in Season 22.

The current shakeups in casting haven’t impacted all the characters on the show though. Hugh Dancy (Hannibal) will be returning as Nolan Price, senior prosecutorial assistant. Oldelya Halevi (Good Trouble) will also come back in Season 24 as ADA Samantha Maroun.

Law & Order airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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