Captain Lee Rosbach’s ‘Deadly Waters’ Trailer, Premiere Date

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Captain Lee Rosbach left Bravo’s Below Deck but he’s still around on TV, and now, his true crime show, Deadly Waters with Captain Lee has a trailer and a premiere date. When fans heard he had been booted off the sailing yacht series, they were furious, so possibly, many of them will tune in and catch the new one.

Captain Lee Rosbach Returns To TV

Bravo fans hated that when the “Stud of the Sea” was sent off the boat with medical issues, Captain Sandy Yawn took over. When she fired a member of the crew and didn’t think to let Lee know first, things escalated into a feud. So, viewers decided that she was responsible for his departure from Below Deck. Fortunately, it wasn’t the end of the fan-favorite on television.

Captain Lee Rosbacxh [Bravo | YouTube]
Captain Lee Rosbach – Below Deck Season 10 – Bravo – YouTube
In January, Below Deck fans heard that Captain Lee Rosbach landed a new true crime show. Although it is on Oxygen Media, the channel is part of the NBC and Universal Group which includes Bravo. So, his new apple fell not far from his origins. The news arrived that the show focuses on criminals who carried out their crimes on open waters, oceans, and rivers. 

Former Below Deck Captain’s New Show Gets A Trailer, Premiere Date

According to Oxygen True Crime, Deadly Waters with Caption Lee will premiere on Sat, June 1 at 9/8c. The synopsis explains:

Using his nautical expertise, Capt. Lee will unravel the secrets of remarkable homicide investigations on rivers, lakes and even the open seas, and will expose the murky, maritime clues that sunk the perps and ultimately led to their capture. Interviews with victims’ families, boating experts and law enforcement uncover new evidence and disturbing revelations, taking viewers on a dangerous and unforgettable voyage

Deadly Waters with Captain Lee premieres in June - Oxygen via Instagram
Deadly Waters with Captain Lee premieres in June – Oxygen via Instagram

Captain Lee Rosbach took to Instagram and jointly shared the trailer with Oxygen True Crime. It seems amazing that so many ghastly and bloodthirsty crimes are committed on the waters of the world. New fans of Deadly Waters with Captain Lee will see eight episodes, with the last one airing on Sat, July 20.

Comments from viewers of the trailer seem enthusiastic and they can’t wait for more of the former Below Deck captain on TV. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • This is like the series on tubi cruise ship killers…and I’m ready for it. Love Capt Lee.
  • Omg 😱 Captain Lee does documentary – I can’t wait❣️
  • Can’t wait!!!! Love Captain Lee!!!
  • Omg this is so exciting!! Our boat daddy is coming back and being introduced to the outside Bravo world!! 😆🙌🏼😆🙌🏼😆🙌🏼😆🙌🏼

What are your thoughts about the upcoming show on Oxygen True Crime? Although the beloved former Below Deck captain isn’t helming a luxury yacht, will you tune in and watch? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Deadly Waters with Captain Lee news.

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