‘Below Deck’ Captain Lee Fired Crew Member

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Captain Lee appeared on Le Batard & Friends podcast on Spotify, on October 27th and spoke on a variety of topics. One of those topics was that Captain Lee fired a crew member for falsifying their resume. This comes shortly after he scrutinized Captain Sandy Yawn for allowing a crew member to be on board with falsified documents. Raun Irving falsified his Yachtmasters certificate in Season 8 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Captain Lee Fires Crew Member

One of the hosts of the podcast Le Batard & Friends asked Captain Lee about his opinion on the falsified documents of Ruan Irving in Season 8 of Below Deck Mediterranean. He responded That while he has not seen falsified documents he has had a crew member alter their resume. Captain Lee stated “I had a guy who had embellished his resume, It was Andrew Sturby. He was a nice kid and I really hated to get rid of him but, I mean, he just flat-out made sh*t up. I don’t think he had ever been on a boat.”

Fans who have watched Below Deck, know that Andrew Sturby appeared on Season 2 of the show.  Andrew pretended to have more experience than he actually had, once Captain Lee discovered this he terminated Andrew’s employment. Captain Lee revealed that Bravo keeps several backup crew members available so fast decisions can be made about staff members. This way cast can be changed out easily.

Captain Sandy Fires Crew Member

Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy Yawn recently fired a crew member in Season 8. Ruan Irving falsified his work documents. Ruan’s employment was terminated when the port authority alerted Captain Sandy to the falsified documents. Fans have been angry because Captain Sandy did not catch the documentation sooner. The incident could have landed all of the crew members in jail.

Captain Lee said of the incident that he is “ looking at everyone’s credentials and scrutinizing anyone that gets on the boat.” This is likely how he discovered the resume of Andrew Sturby had been falsified. Captain Lee went on to say that the incident with Captain Sandy and Ruan was “embarrassing.”


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Fired Crew Members on Below Deck

Crew members on Below Deck are not frequently fired, yet every franchise of the series has fired crew members at some point. As of October 28, 2023, it is known that a total of 16 crew members have been fired. Camille Lamb, Kyle Dickard, Raygan Tyler, Magda Ziomek, Ryan McKeown, Tom Pearson, Lexi Wilson, Delaney Evans, Elizabeth Frankini, Shane Coppersmith, Hannah Ferrier, Peter Hunziker, Mila Kolomeitseva, Chandler Brooks, Chris Brown, and Leon Walker are among the crew members whos’ employment has been terminated on the series.

Will any more crew members be fired in Season 8 of Below Deck Med? To find out tune in on Bravo on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT

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