‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Say Ami Brown’s New Look Takes 20 Years Off

Ami Brown from Alaskan Bush People

Ami Brown has posted a new photo on social media, and Alaskan Bush People fans are excited. Ami has had it tough over the past few years, from her cancer battle to the death of Billy Brown to her own daughter dealing with tumors as well. However, based on the new photos, Ami seems to be doing well.

ABP fans have even pointed out that her new look has taken 20 years off her appearance. Here is a look at her new photo and what fans had to say about it.

Ami Brown Posts New Youthful Photo On Instagram

Ami Brown headed to Instagram to post a new photo of herself with the wilderness in the background. She wore a brown hat and a white sleeveless shirt. She had on a necklace, and strands of her hair flowed out of the front and sides of the hat. She looked incredible in the photograph.

Ami Brown - Instagram
Ami Brown | Instagram

While she didn’t leave any comments in the caption, Alaskan Bush People fans had a lot to say about Ami and her new appearance:

  • “You are looking so well now , so glad your recovery was good and you can enjoy the outdoors again”
  • “Love your hair up. It takes 20 years off and shows your pretty features.”
  • “#Lady what a beautiful view with your presence you make the landscape look more beautiful”

The photo did make it look like Ami Brown has been doing much better lately, which is great news since she had recently dealt with some serious medical issues once again.

Ami Brown Seems Recovered From Recent Health Scare

Ami Brown was hospitalized recently, which is scary news for the matriarch of the Alaskan Bush People family. With Bear Brown in Texas and Noah rotating between his Washington home and fixing up his Alaskan retirement home, Ami fell ill and ended up in the hospital in March.

Snowbird fell ill, and then her mother followed. They thought it was a bad cold that was running rampant in Washington. However, when Ami started to struggle breathing, she ended up hospitalized. Ami ended up in the hospital, diagnosed with pneumonia.

This is especially scary for Ami and Snowbird. Remember, Snowbird had tumors removed in the last season of Alaskan Bush People. She hasn’t been completely healthy for a while, and Ami is a cancer survivor herself. When they get ill, it brings up other concerns.

The good news is that Ami returned home in April and seemed to be enjoying the great outdoors again. However, if these last photos indicate anything, she looks like she is doing better than ever.

What do you think about Ami Brown’s latest photos? Do you miss watching Alaskan Bush People on TV? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. yes I miss Alaskan bush people on tv I learned alot from them and they pretty much became the family I never had ! I wish them well !

  2. n e ver missed a show, was wondering if it eas going to come back.cant leave everyone m bsck not knowing what’s next for the sisters. bring the

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