Gerry Turner Reveals What Really Goes Down In Fantasy Suites

Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC Instagram

Bachelor fans have long wondered what happens in the Fantasy Suite when the cameras aren’t filming. Gerry Turner reveals what really goes down. Keep reading for all the details.

Fantasy Suite Dates Bring The Drama

Bachelor Nation shows are known for guilty pleasure entertainment but the real drama happens in the Fantasy Suites. This is the one area of the show that’s off-limits to cameras, giving the lead and their final choices a chance for privacy.

Some use that as a chance to be intimate, as Hannah Brown famously did in a windmill with Peter Weber… four times. Other times, the lead vows not to be intimate with any of the finalists only to break their word, like Season 27 Bachelor Zach Shallcross.

Some Bachelor Nation stars have been open about what happened during their Fantasy Suite dates, while others have kept mum. Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner sheds new light on why he was “very happy” about the Fantasy Suite dates on his season.

Gerry Turner/Credit: YouTube
Gerry Turner/Credit: YouTube

Gerry Turner Reveals What Really Goes Down On Overnight Dates

The Bachelor Nation franchise recently had a crossover with the reality TV royalty family, the Kardashians. Keeping Up With The Kardashians wasn’t the first reality show, but it definitely set the standard for many of today’s television.

KUWTK ran for 20 seasons on the E! network before rebranding as The Kardashians on Hulu. Season 5 premiered in May. The first-ever Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner, was featured on a recent episode. He was invited to dinner with Kris Jenner and her family, including Bachelor superfan Kendall.

Kris Jenner asked the question many Bachelor viewers were dying to know.

“OK, Gerry, so what happened in your fantasy suites?”

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube
Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube

According to Fox News, the first season of The Golden Bachelor was still airing when Gerry Turner had dinner with the Kardashian family in October of 2023.

Gerry replied that he was “very happy” with the overnight dates but “not for the reason you think.”

“If you spend five weeks getting to know women, yet everything you say and do is recorded, you’re dying to get to that overnight where you can ask the questions without an audience.”

Gerry Turner had Fantasy Suite dates with both Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist. He came under fire from Leslie for telling her that she was the one for him. But then dumped her for Theresa.

Leslie Fhima and Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube
Leslie Fhima and Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube

Theresa and Gerry got married in January but already filed for divorce.

What do you think of his comments about what really goes down in the Fantasy Suite? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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