Fans Think Amber Johnston Jealous Of New Grandbaby

7 Little Johnstons fans currently talk about Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston and her mom, Amber Johnston. TLC fans seemed shocked because both women said they hoped that Liz’s baby would have dwarfism. In a recent episode, they thought that Amber seemed “weirdly defensive.”

Amber Johnston & Liz Are In Agreement

If 7 Little Johnstons fans felt shocked by Amber and Liz saying they wanted a little person baby, more shocking spoilers followed. Incredibly, Liz wanted Leighton to be a little person, but she also wanted to try for another baby. And, her motivation for that, came because she wants a little baby, no matter what. Understandably, Brice Bolden felt a bit reluctant.

Amber Johnston - YouTube - 7 Little Johnstons
Amber Johnston – YouTube – 7 Little Johnstons

TLC fans thought it seemed odd that Amber Johnston and her daughter both wanted a little person. After all, there are many skeletal surgeries associated with dwarfism. On the show, fans heard that Liz un derwent dozens of them in her life. Naturally, it seems odd to most viewers that they would wish that on a child.

7 Little Johnstons Fans Think Amber’s Weird?

A TLC fan who saw Trent and his wife talking about the baby being average-sized thought that the grandmother seemed a bit strange. They shared about it on Reddit. In the show, when Liz came in to tell the family about Leighton Drew not being little, she talked about the other health aspects of her child. However, Trent said that only the “size matters.” However, it was Amber’s response later, that seemed defensive.

Trent Johnston tells Liz only the size matters - TLC YouTube
Trent Johnston tells Liz only the size matters – TLC YouTube

Trent Johnston wanted a little person for practical reasons, and he explained their household isn’t designed for big people. However, he also talked about how at least his grandchild wouldn’t suffer from so many health issues. The OP noted that in their caption. It read:

Amber’s obvious jealousy…I think she’s jealous of her own grand daughter lol. It’s obvious to me that she’s pissed the kid is average height and WON’T have the typical LP struggles they all experience. When Trent said he was grateful she won’t have health issues Amber was so quick to say “average size kids can have just as many issues”. It’s a weird thing to get defensive about…

Liz Johnston's Average-Sized Baby Reveal - 7 Little Johnstons - TLC
Liz Johnston’s Average-Sized Baby Reveal – 7 Little Johnstons – TLC

The Discussion By TLC Fans

In the 7 Little Johnstons discussion, critics of Amber Johnston slammed her. Here are some opinions:

  • I think Amber just wanted to use the child being an LP to have more control now she won’t have that and she’s looking at reasons to attack anyone that’s glad the child is going to be regular sized. Trent had the reaction that most normal people would have.
  • I couldn’t believe that they openly admitted they preferred their grandkid to be a little person. I tried [seeing] it from their perspective, that they’re accustomed to…living with little people. But I think it’s unbelievably selfish to want your grandkid to have a lifelong disability…
  • I suspect she wanted a little baby so she could say well Liz Brice’s parents don’t know the complications it takes to raise a little kid so leave her here we will take care of it.

What are your thoughts about Amber Johnston’s reaction to her husband Trent? Do you agree that she seemed “weirdly defensive?” Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your 7 Little Johnstons news.

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