‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Player Hits Back As Fans Try To Discredit Win

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Wheel of Fortune is a show that has sometimes been very padentic when it comes to wrong answers. A person with an accent will get a question counted wrong because of how they pronounced the word. However, in a recent episode, Pat Sajak gave a woman a second chance, and fans are unhappy about it.

Here is what happened, why fans were mad, and what the woman said about it in response.

Pat Sajak Gives Woman Second Chance On Answer

On a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, a woman got a chance to answer a question in the bonus rounds. She got her letters on the board and immediately knew the answer. However, what she said has caused many fans to be upset with the game show.

Pat Sajak - Wheel Of Fortune
Pat Sajak – Wheel Of Fortune

Dr. Kchristchan Howard was preparing for her bonus round with daughter Kennedi Williams. They faced off against the dad-and-son team George Sr. and Mansour Chaya and the mother-and-son pair Terrence and Donna Mason. Kchristchan and Kennedi dominated from the start and moved on to the bonus round.

The bonus round was “What Are You Doing?” They selected the additional letters “V, D, C, O, and P.” This left them the puzzle reading: “_ O _ N _ / P L _ C E S.” Kchristchan immediately knew the answer. When answering, “What are you doing?” she said, “I’m going places,” and began to dance around celebrating.

Pat called her back and asked her to say it correctly, so she said, “Going Places.” That won for her, and they picked up an extra $40,000.

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Claps Back At Rude Fans

Fans on social media were not happy with this moment. Many of them felt she should have the prize money taken away because she said, “I’m Going Places,” which was incorrect. The word “I’m” was not in the puzzle. However, the best thing is that Kchristchan clapped back and informed the “fans” of Wheel of Fortune rules.

Here are some examples of fans wanting the money taken away:

  • “The mother daughter at the end should not have won the bonus round. Pat should have said I am sorry, but that’s incorrect.”
  • “I have seen them deny every other contestant that adds words incorrectly to a puzzle, yet they allowed her the win”
  • “Tonight was curious… the lady at the end went to guess the puzzle, got carried away and said ‘I’m going places!’ and starts dancing, but the puzzle was “Going places”, yet she won!”

Of course, many commenters criticized these people for not knowing Wheel of Fortune’s rules. Soon, Kchristchan also chimed in and explained why she won the game. “We have until the time clock runs out,” she simply stated.

When people are trying to solve a puzzle, they often give several answers as they try to figure it out. They have time on the clock to give the correct answer. After she said, “I’m going places,” she immediately answered right when Pat called her back over. She still had time on the clock.

What are your thoughts on the Wheel of Fortune controversy? Do you know that the contestants can give the correct answer in the bonus round after a wrong one if they do it within the time limit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. The fans should not be complaining about the Wheel of Fortune win. First of all, the clock had not ended, thus she has as many times to guess the puzzle as she needs to. People say different stuff all the time so she should not have been judged by that first response to the Wheel of Fortune puzzle. Once the clock stops, then no other answer should be acceptable. So piss off fans, you got it wrong!

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