‘AGT’ Judge Simon Cowell Bashes Buzzer Twice

America’s Got Talent brings some outstanding performances, and already, Simon Cowell had to swallow his words. Since then, he’s so enthralled with excellent performances that he based the Golden Buzzer twice. Read on to find out what got him so excited.

AGT Simon Cowell Seldom Presses The Buzzer

The judge is a serious person when it comes to rewarding talent. So, he’s most likely not to hit the buzzer rashly. It’s a much wider genre than American Idol, where people only sing. So, a wide range of different acts happen on AGT. Some make fans cringe, and others get them shaking their heads if Simon scowls.

Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent / YouTube
Simon Cowell – AGT

Simon Cowell watched difficult acts, and downright scary ones as well. In fact, he gasped with horror when a 13-year-old did a gymnastic dance routine dressed as a frightening ghoul. Despite horrifying everyone, her dazzling performance got her four yes votes from the judges.

America’s Got Talent The Two Buzzers Strike

The moment when the judge got to hit his buzzer twice happened on Tuesday. First, he buzzed through singer Liv Warfield. However, competition is tough this year, and the light show by Sky Elements took it next level. On X, formerly Twitter, America’s Got Talent fans raved about it.

AGT star Liv Warfield Get Simon's Buzzer - Twitter X
AGT star Liv Warfield Get Simon’s Buzzer – Twitter X

After seeing Simon Cowell buzz for the second time, America’s Got Talent fans were not surprised. Heidi Klum tweeted:

OUT OF THIS πŸ’₯ WORLD πŸ’₯ We’ve never seen anything like @skyelementsusa before and I can’t wait to see more! πŸš€πŸ‘ΎπŸŒŽ#AGT.

Other AGT fans rolled out their comments:

  • i’m telling you this season of agt is out of this world this year!! that light show was outstanding #AGT
  • I don’t have the words to express my feelings. Calling that “incredible” seems insufficient! #AGT.
  • Absolutely Amazing πŸ‡±πŸ‡·.

On YouTube, AGT fans were even more excited about it. You can watch the act further down in this article. The group from Dallas, Texas got a lot of praise: Here are some of those thoughts:

  • Its about time they got the recognition they deserve!!! This ones Americas hidden gem!!!
  • That was frickin incredible. Who knew a bunch of guys could actually create somthing like that. The previous drone acts were great, but this one really blew it off the sky!
  • This was breathtaking even on my small computer screen. For those lucky enough to see it live it must have been extraordinary.
  • This is one of a kind performance. They need a diamond buzzer.
  • o do that much of programming with that amount of drones and achieving such level of perfection/flawlessness in the ultimate performance is simply bindboggling. AWESOME.

What are your thoughts about Simon Cowell getting to use his golden buzzer twice? Have you ever seen him so impressed before? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your America’s Got TalentΒ news.

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