‘AGT’ Simon Cowell Gasps Over Bloody & Horrifying Act

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Sometimes,¬†America’s Got Talent has some contestants who shock the panel. That happened this week when a young 13-year-old girl from India came out with a big smile and the comment that her stomach was upset because she was so nervous. However, when she returned to the stage, she horrified Simon Cowell and the other judges.

Here is what she did and why she still earned four yes votes and moved on to the next round.

Young Indian Girl Terrifies Simon Cowell

America’s Got Talent had some impressive talents on the show this week. However, one of the contestants terrified Simon Cowell and him in shock. She also earned four “yes” votes and moved on. When giving his vote, Simon Cowell aid people would be talking about her the next day.

Arshiya on AGT | YouTube
Arshiya on AGT | YouTube

The girl who cam out was dressed in a nice outfit, with her hair done up with pink bows. Her name is Arshiya and she is from India. She admitted that she had never visited any other country and had never been out of India before, so this was big for her.

She then said she was a dancer. However, she said she didn’t want to be like other dancers. “I want to be different so, I tried doing gymnastics and added some flexibility moves into my dance to be different,” she said. Simon Cowell agreed that was the best idea. She then said she needed to go get ready.

While she was gone, the judges asked what she might be changing into. When she came out, they all sat horrified and Sofia Vergara couldn’t even watch the entire performance.

America’s Got Talent Contestant Is Contortionist Dancer WIth Horror Movie Vibes

When Arshiya came back out, it was while hiding behind a large dollhouse with some creepy dolls lying around it. She then shimmied out from behind it and had a blood-spattered silk dress, frightening contact lenses, and bloodied scratches all over her body. And then she started “dancing.”

This was more of a contortionist act, as she performed several body-bending motions. She included acrobatics and a terrifying series of twists and turns that seem almost impossible for the human body. This was also done to the creepiest version of “Ring Around the Rosey” ever recorded.

The audience screamed and cringed, all while Sofia could barely look and Heidi Klum stared at her in astonishment. When she finished, there was a moment of shocked silence, and then she received a standing ovation.

Starting with Howie Mandel, everyone gave her a yes to move on and Simon said she would be the talk of the episode.

What are your thoughts on Arshiya from¬†America’s Got Talent? Does it look like she has a future in the horror industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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