‘AGT’ Fans Call Mel B ‘Desperate For Cash’ And ‘Exhausting’

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America’s Got Talent Judge, Mel B seems to long for the old days of the Spice Girls with the full group, and fans now slam her as being “desperate for cash,” and “exhausting.” Often, she hints at a reunion of herself, Melanie C, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, and Victoria Beckham. In late March, she talked with Hoda and Jenna on Today about the possibility of a new tour. But then the AGT star walked off the set in case she let something slip. Keep reading to see what fans are saying.

Mel B Seems To Want A New Tour Desperately

There were tours in the past, and they were popular. In fact, the Spice World 2019 tour without Posh did well. Plus, fans saw them in the special for the 2012 Summer Olympics. However, it seems that a tour isn’t what all of the music group wants. As the AGT judge seems to be comfortable working with Heidi  Klum on the talent show, some people think she should let go of the past.

Spice Girls from Instagram
Spice Girls cover – Instagram

On America’s Got Talent, Mel B has some fans and naturally, some people who don’t like her. There is nothing unusual in that, except that when fans follow her on social media, she often seems to want to remind everyone about the Spice Girls. A lot of people would like to see the group back together on tour, but the chances don’t seem promising. So, they grow irritated with her.

Harry Styles Joins A Spice Girls  Tour, Or Is It Wishful Thinking?

A few days ago, the America’s Got Talent judge shared a photo of the Spice Girls without Posh Spice, (Victoria Beckham) in it. Many of them thought that a guy in a jumpsuit who had his back to the camera looked like Harry Styles. So, they wondered if he was the next Posh. She’d captioned it with, “Wembley?? I’ll say no more 👀🤫😅.” However, when the post made it to Reddit, a lot of people slammed Mel B. Read on to find out why.

AGT judge Mel B Shares Photo on Instagram
AGT Judge Mel B Shares Photo on Instagram

The OP wrote a scathing caption about the America’s Got Talent personality:

Mel B, this is getting exhausting 😩She was also kicked out of the group chat with the other girls for “talking too much.”

In the comments, many people felt that she sounded desperate to get back what she used to have, and she probably missed the money from touring with the Spice Girls. Here are some comments that show their conclusions.

  • …she’s also said they’ve got big projects on the go, they’re reuniting, they’re doing Glasto. I doubt the “getting kicked out of the group chat” is true either. It’s just to get people talking.
  • Mel B says so much, yet so little of it comes true. I don’t know if she thinks that if she says something enough times that she can will it into actually happening, or if she just needs to constantly have attention.
  • From her recent Instagram post. It’s so hard to believe what she says anymore. This is exhausting.
  • She is desperate for cash.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that Mel B thinks that if she keeps on about the Spice Girls getting back together it might happen? What about getting kicked out of their chat group? Do you believe that happened? Or, is it all drama for attention? Do you hope a tour happens with Harry Styles? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your America’s Got Talent news.

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