‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Steps In After Contestant’s Brutal Answer

Family Feud: Steve Harvey - Connor Kleid

Family Feud host Steve Harvey is a man of many talents. Sometimes, based on some answers from contestants, he can go from host and comedian to life coach, for those who appear to desperately need some life advice from someone who has been through it. Based on recent clips from the show, Harvey stepped in following a contestant’s harsh answer.

Family Feud Is Never The Same Twice

It would be easy to make the argument that, the only thing constant about watching Family Feud is host Steve Harvey, and even then, he has a new, flashy suit for each new episode.

With the way that the show is structured, there is an infinite number of both questions and answers. So, as viewers, you’ll never watch the same episode twice, unless you’re intentionally watching a rerun.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Endless Possibilities Keep The Show Fresh

Even when there may be a similar question that has been asked before, there’s usually a new angle, or something new to make it different. The other side of that equation is the endless answers that contestants give. Even when a survey question seems pretty straightforward, someone comes up with an off-the-wall response that no one, not even Steve Harvey, expects.

Even answers that some Family Feud fans might think are on the board, are not. On the flip side, responses that seem to have no chance of being on the board, end up there. So, it’s always a roll of the dice, which is a big part of what keeps things interesting.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Family Feud: Steve Harvey Takes Matters Into His Own Hands Following Brutal Response

Every once in a while, a contestant’s response is so brutal that it causes Steve Harvey to jump into action. He goes from host and comedian to life coach, as he tries to make the contestants see the error in their ways, and the error in their current life choices.

A situation like this happened during a recent Family Feud episode. Steve Harvey asked the question: “We asked 100 married men, on a scale of one to ten, when your wife is not around, how much do you miss her?”

In the money round, a contestant named Connor said: “One.”

In response, Steve Harvey gave Connor an incredulous look, saying: “There’s no way you’re married. You’re not married, are you?”

Connor shook his head, saying: “Not yet.”

Judging by the look on Steve Harvey’s face, he didn’t seem the least bit surprised that Connor doesn’t have a wife. For future reference, Harvey told Connor that the only correct answer to that question is “Ten.”

Adding insult to injury, the family missed out on the money by just four points. So, that answer Connor gave about missing a spouse is surely going to stick with him for some time, as that could have easily been the difference-maker that landed them in the money.

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