‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Ashamed Of Foul-Mouthed Response

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Just when Family Feud host Steve Harvey thinks he has heard it all, a contestant comes up with a response to a survey question that is even raunchier than the last. This is exactly what happened during a recent segment of the family game show, and the resulting clip has gone viral.

Family Feud Is A Recipe For Instantly Going Viral

Family Feud has been a hit show for decades. Generations of families have grown up trying to figure out the top answer on the board. With Steve Harvey at the helm since 2010, the actor, comedian, and host has captained the ship as the show has adapted to the age of social media.

The Family Feud recipe is one that has cracked the code in terms of short clips that instantly go viral. The most insane, wild, and wacky contestant responses get repackaged into easily digested clips and sent off to the masses, with each short clip getting millions of views in the process.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Is NSFW Content The Secret Ingredient?

On the one hand, the more raunchy the questions and answers, the more potential things have to go viral. One can make the argument that the more risqué a clip is, and the more controversial it is, the more views it gets.

While some Family Feud watchers have no problem with this, others say that the questions and answers have become too adult-themed for what is supposed to be a family show. Even though the more risqué clips seem to crack the code and bring in millions of views, for some viewers, the price for that is too high, and too adult-themed.

Steve Harvey is in disbelief. - Family Feud
Steve Harvey is in disbelief. – Family Feud

Family Feud: Steve Harvey Hangs Head In Shame Following Filthy Answer

In a recent Family Feud segment, Steve Harvey asked the question: “What’s Brad Pitt got that you don’t have?”

Without missing a beat, a contestant named Paul gave Steve Harvey a sly smile before responding with: “A big pe***.”

This response was hilarious, unexpected, and even self-deprecating for Paul, and Steve Harvey could do nothing but hang his head in shame. After moving away momentarily, Harvey said: “I’m running through all the movies in my head.” Then, he pointed to Paul and said: “I’m trying to figure out what was the scene you saw?”


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Steve Harvey seemed genuinely disturbed by this unexpectedly foul response. However, the potential for a clip like this to go viral is also off the charts. Even though that answer was not on the board, it’s clear Paul was not afraid to give the audience a laugh at his expense, and commenters watching the viral clip on social media are also getting a kick out of it.

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