Steve Harvey Drops Big Weight, Shares Secret With Fans

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey fans may associate him with his comedy, and with him being the host of Family Feud. Based on the latest updates from the 67-year-old, he is also a huge success when it comes to weight loss. Recently, he shared his secrets with his fans. So, what did he say about what works for him?

Steve Harvey Has Been The Family Feud Host Since 2010

Many Steve Harvey fans can’t think about the actor and comedian these days without thinking about him as the host of Family Feud. That’s because he has been at the helm of the long-running family show since taking over in 2010. Even late into his 60s, Harvey isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

The added benefit of hosting the show in the age of social media means that many of the funny moments from the program often go viral, with millions of people getting to see the hilarious responses from contestants even when they miss out on seeing the episodes when they air.

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Family Feud
Steve Harvey – YouTube/Family Feud

Harvey Has Been Open About His Weight Loss Struggles

Back in 2007, Steve Harvey realized that he had to do something different and change course. At that time, he didn’t like what he saw when he looked back in the mirror.

Harvey told Men’s Fitness Magazine: “My arms were just sitting there — just a piece of meat hanging there, with no curves in them, no definition. And I just got tired of looking at myself that way.”

At that time, Steve Harvey was already 50. So, that realization didn’t fully hit home with him until later in life. However, he has more than made up for that in the years since. These days, he is looking better than ever.

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey

Family Feud Host Shares His Weight Loss Secrets

Recently, Steve Harvey shared what works for him in terms of what gets him motivated to keep up with his healthy habits. For Harvey, it’s as much about his mindset as it is about the physical activities he does to stay in shape, including his healthy lifestyle changes.

Steve Harvey recently said: “I don’t call it dieting, I decide ‘Okay, I’m [going to] eat clean for 14 days. Eating clean is okay, man. If you’re eating good vegetables that’s seasoned right, if you’re eating fish that’s seasoned right, you know, that’s eating clean.”

According to Harvey, he takes a similar approach when it comes time to get physical as well. Instead of calling it “working out,” Steve refers to his exercise routine as “getting right.”

Your mindset in life is often just as important as doing the repetitions and checking the boxes, and Steve Harvey has clearly found what works for him, and the results certainly speak for themselves.

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