‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Shames Contestant For Raunchy Response

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Family Feud is often thought of as a family-friendly show. Based on some of the questions and answers, that isn’t always the case. In a recent episode, host Steve Harvey shamed a contestant for their particularly raunchy response. So, what did they have to say?

Family Feud Not Always So Family-Friendly

Even though Family Feud is generally thought of as a family-friendly program, that isn’t always the case. Veteran watchers will remember host Richard Dawson, who would kiss all of the female contestants. This type of behavior absolutely would not pass today. However, the one common thread is that there are still some raunchy answers to raunchy questions.

As Family Feud watchers have seen, even seemingly innocent survey questions can generate some NSFW answers. The one major difference with the show today is that those moments regularly get made into shorter clips, which then go viral on social media. So, the reach extends well beyond just viewers watching the show when it airs.

Steve Harvey - Family Feud
Steve Harvey – Family Feud

Steve Harvey Shames Contestant For Raunchy Answer

For as many years as Steve Harvey has been at the helm of Family Feud, he has heard it all over that time. Recently, he shamed a contestant for a particularly raunchy answer to a survey question on the show.

Steve Harvey asked: “Name something a man has to hide from his wife when he’s having an affair?”

Seemingly proud of his answer, a Family Feud contestant said: “His dirty underwear.”

The quick-witted Steve Harvey clapped back, saying: “Your mama right now, pretty ashamed of you right now.”

It turns out, the mother in the audience was pretty satisfied with her son’s answer, as she was laughing away, right along with the rest of the Family Feud crowd.

The game show host continued, adding: “You come home and you ain’t got your drawers on, I gotta tell you something. It’s hard to explain you ain’t got no drawers on. Oh, man.”

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey

Family Feud Fans Not Too Happy With The Raunchy Questions

It turns out, even though some Family Feud watchers have no problem with the NSFW questions and answers, other viewers think the show’s line of questions has gone too far, and indeed, crossed a line.

Of course, times are different now than decades ago when the show first aired. Still, not everyone is happy with the risqué turn things have taken.

@familyfeud Something a man has to hide when having an affair?? 🤔🩲😲 #SteveHarvey: “She’s pretty ashamed of you right now.” #FamilyFeud ♬ AFFAIR – Family Feud

  • One watcher said: “Family feud is getting kind of raunchy.”
  • Another watcher of the show said: “I thought this was a family show.”

These adult-themed questions and answers are likely geared toward the potential for clips to go viral on social media. In this aspect, the questions make sense. However, it’s clear that not all watchers are happy about this.

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