‘Family Feud’ Elderly Contestant Gets Sexy With Steve Harvey

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

As the host of Family Feud, Steve Harvey has to be prepared for anything. Based on recent scenes from the popular game show, that even included getting hit on by an elderly contestant. So, what happened with this situation?

Family Feud: Steve Harvey Has Seen It All Over The Years

As the Family Feud host since 2010, actor and comedian Steve Harvey has seen it all during his long tenure. Luckily, Harvey is a pro at what he does. He is quick on his feet, which allows him to turn any situation into a hilarious moment, the kind of moment that eventually goes viral on social media.

However, even for a pro like Steve Harvey, every once in a while, the Family Feud host comes across something that throws even him for a loop. His genuine, off-the-cuff reactions are what fans love to see.

The other plus is that, even for people who miss the live airing of the show, the most outrageous, raunchy segments always end up going viral on social media, with millions of views. So, it’s a great way for fans on social media to stay in the loop when it comes to the best bits from the program.

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Family Feud
Steve Harvey – YouTube/Family Feud

Show Contestant Gives Hilarious Answer

During a recent Family Feud taping, Steve asked the survey question: “Name something a group of female workers might do when a sexy guy walks past.”

As Family Feud watchers know, the show often asks these leading survey questions, which opens the door for things to take a raunchy turn. In this case, it certainly took that turn based on the most recent scenes, as well as the answer a contestant gave.

A contestant named June, responded with: “They gave him the look-over.”

This response turned out to be the number one answer on the board, but, it drew attention for another reason.

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Family Feud
Steve Harvey – YouTube/Family Feud

Family Feud: Contestant Gets Sexy With Steve Harvey?

In response to June’s answer, Steve Harvey asked the elderly contestant to demonstrate, saying: “Show me how you do that, Ms. June.”

The contestant closed her eyes, lowered her head, and gave Steve Harvey a flirty look, drawing cheers and applause from the audience. So, not only did June give a demonstration, but, she secured the top answer on the board while doing it, too.


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  • Family Feud watchers appreciated June’s enthusiasm, with one commenter saying: “Ms. June was smooth with it too!”
  • Another commenter responded to June’s flirty look, saying: “She’s got the look for looking.”
  • A third person chimed in, saying: “Sounds about right Mrs. June.”

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