Steve Harvey Left In Disbelief After Family’s Strange Actions

Steve Harvey - Family Feud

After one group of Family Feud challengers displays an odd performance, Steve Harvey struggles to hold back. Undeniably, their actions were unconventional and Steve was not impressed.

Steve Harvey Can’t Hold Back

While Steve Harvey has been working on himself lately, he sometimes can’t contain his thoughts. Without a doubt, Steve has seen some strange things over the years on Family Feud. Sometimes, families give awkward answers and he sidesteps the show through it. Luckily for viewers, most of his hilarious responses are caught on film. Undoubtedly, the hosting job comes with many funny moments. But recently, Steve couldn’t hold back when one family made a silly move that left him scolding them afterward.

Steve Harvey gets thrown for a loop often on Family Feud. - BBC
Steve Harvey gets thrown for a loop often on Family Feud. – BBC

The Chauluka Family Shocks Steve Harvey

During a recent episode, one Family Feud family, the Chaulukas prepared an intro to tell the audience who they are. “We’ve got a little something special for you, Steve,” one sister, Rachel, says. She starts a chant for her family to follow. “Family, let’s introduce ourselves,” she yells and begins to clap, dance, and add hand motions. Undeniably, Steve Harvey was taken aback. Trying to wrap his head around what was happening, he stands back in disbelief. During the chant, they were unsynchronized and offbeat. He steps off to the side of the stage and collects himself as he processes what he is witnessing. But his facial expressions don’t lie. He can’t believe what he is seeing. “We need a little polishing up,” Rachel admits. Looking at the audience, Steve mouthed, “What was that?” Unmistakably, the audience was enjoying the act and laughing uncontrollably at the strange performance.

The Chauluka Family - Family Feud
Steve Harvey and The Chauluka Family – Family Feud

Steve Harvey Has Them Give It Another Try

After they pause, Steve Harvey struts to the end of the family to talk to one sibling. As he approaches, Steve notices the brother has a confused look. Rachel’s brother, Lyson says, “I wasn’t part of this.” Laughing, Steve says, “You said, ‘Listen, listen. We don’t have this together. Cease. Cease!’ You told ’em. They didn’t listen to you.” Then, Steve encourages the family to give it another shot. But the second try at their coordinated efforts for a family dance was still bad. Admittedly, Rachel knows it wasn’t great. She says, “We tried, we tried, we tried.”  But Steve looks back at the audience and whispers, “It’s worse.” Following the second attempt, Steve addresses Rachel saying, “You’re in banking?” In response, she agrees she is. Then, Steve recommends, “Just do banking.”

Steve Harvey is in disbelief. - Family Feud
Steve Harvey is in disbelief. – Family Feud

Fans Give Their Thoughts On The Family’s Dance

After seeing the Chauluka family perform, Family Feud adds a post to Instagram with a clip of the family’s discombobulated dance. In the caption, it says, “🗣️ Does your family have a chant or war cry that you want to share with #SteveHarvey and the rest of the world? Start rehearsing and bring it to the show! Besides all the fun on set, there’s a bucket load of cash up for grabs!”

  • “I love her commitment,” one fan says in the comments.
  • Another encourages the family, “She was very sweet- ‘Family! Family!'”
  • But someone else was just as perplexed as Steve Harvey, “He said, ‘What was that??”
  • Another viewer was impressed, “She planned, she trained, and she presented it! Go girl! For more people with courage and that take actions!!”

What do you think about the Chauluka family’s intro? Do you understand Steve Harvey’s disbelief? Did you think it was a good effort? Are you enjoying Family Feud? Drop your comments below.

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