‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Mocks Contestant’s ‘Stupid’ Answer

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Family Feud is known for raunchy responses that go viral. As the host, Steve Harvey has heard them all. Every once in a while, responses come along that completely annoy the entire audience, inspiring boos. Recently, even Steve Harvey mocked a contestant’s “stupid” answer.

Family Feud: Viewers Never Know What They Will Get

One aspect of Family Feud that keeps viewers coming back time and again is the surprise factor. The fact is, you never know what questions or answers will come up. Some are right on the money, and others are completely out of left field, and that random quality is one of the things that keeps the show interesting.

With as many seasons as Family Feud has been on the air, the formula is solid, as generations of watchers continue to tune in, hoping for the craziest, wackiest, off-the-wall answers to drive home the humor. In addition, having Steve Harvey as the captain of the ship means he always has something to say.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Family Feud Contestant Gets Booed, Why?

This show is a feel-good, family show. It’s something short and easy to digest for people who want a momentary escape from their everyday responsibilities. Due to the nature of the program, things are kept light-hearted and fun.

However, based on a recent episode of the show, a contestant was booed heavily by the crowd for a response that many agreed was universally in poor taste. Sometimes, the crazier a response is, the more laughs it gets, but, this was not one of those times.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Steve Harvey Roasts Contestant For ‘Stupid’ Answer, What Did He Say?

In the recent Family Feud segment, Steve Harvey asked the question: “We asked one hundred men if your wife asked you what she does best what’s your answer?”

A contestant named Lee quickly responded with: “Clean.”

The boos came through from the crowd as Steve Harvey gave Lee the side-eye. Harvey then walked over to the opposing family and said: “See how stupid he looks right now?”

As much as the audience and Steve Harvey roasted Lee for his response, it turns out that his answer was actually the third one on the board. So, even though many, including the host, found his answer to be in poor taste, it was still on the board in the end.

  • This also prompted a lot of reactions from viewers, with one commenter saying: “at least it was on the board.”
  • Another person said: “What does my wife do best? Putting up with me.”

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